Does “fun” make sense in describing any part of our systems?

Horn speakers always look odd when one is accustomed to conventional drivers.

The Arcadians look like something from the bar scene in Star Wars.

exactly! That’s what I also mentioned in my High End 2018 show report :wink:

I was a little taken aback when I looked at the Estelon website and saw a picture that looked very familiar, tell me this is not the same (virtual) living room?

Yes. When the air guitar comes out and I can no longer remain seated.

Yeah, wow…same graphics program used for simulation :wink:

Yes for sure. The smile that you get during playback, the hair on the back of your neck standing up a little, the memories that come back make the time and money spent worth the experience.

Good catch! Exactly there same virtual living room. That’s done with an easy public offering of virtual rooms. Of course, it’s all fake including our renderings.

Has to be a fake or some poor soul gets the seat looking at the side of a speaker. Plus as all audiophiles know, nobody would let friends and family sit that close to their speakers where they might be tempted to rest their dirty feet on them. Fake News!

I want to know the use of the parabolic microphone set up.

I thought I was the only weirdo that did this. LOL

And yes, “fun” makes perfect sense when describing our systems. It’s fun looking at the system, it’s fun listening to the music being played through the system, it’s fun flipping through albums (digital and vinyl), it’s fun thinking about what album to listen to next, if you have spare gear and cables, it’s fun swapping those bits out from time to time just to change things up a bit.

The only part about it that’s NOT fun, at least for me anyway, is selling, packing up and shipping off gear. I honestly hate that part.

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when my girlfriend saw the thread title, she thought you guys were talking about some kind of sexual fun with your equipment…

i told her she was probably wrong…

That’s a light. Just a groovy “faux photographer’s” lamp designers like to put in their spaces.

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I’m gonna guess Wilson xlf. :). I have heard them on multiple occasions and felt a lack of mid warmth as did the musician I went with. Clean as a whistle but not my cup of tea. Not disparaging their product or Wilson in general - just exactly how do you set expectations on 200k.