Double cables with Stellar to maggies?

One of the unusual things on the Stellar amp is the dual binding posts. I like the big hole in the posts which accomodates 10-gauge bare copper to maggies.

Here’s an idea that I’d like to test, unless one of you all can point out that it’d be a bad experiment:

Run TWO cables from the Stellar to each maggie. Use all the binding posts. The maggies are notorious for those cheap screw binding posts, which I don’t like, but I could squeeze two 10-gauge bare copper leads in there.

No idea if this will do anything. Is this an obviously bad idea?

If the goal is to improve the sound, it’s a bad idea. Not an obviously bad idea, but from a technical standpoint if one doesn’t understand what’s going in inside a wire.

If audio signals were DC (direct current) this would be a good idea. But they’re AC. As current flows through a wire it generates a magnetic field. As the AC current oscillates this field is created, collapses, and is regenerated in the opposite direction. This self-inductance creates an impedance (AC resistance). Higher frequencies have higher resistance because the field swaps back and forth faster than low frequencies. As the frequency increases, the current finds the path of least resistance, which is closer and closer to the surface of the wire where the self-wire inductance is near zero. So high frequencies travel along the skin of the wire, low frequencies down the middle. This results in faster propagation for the highs along the skin than for the lows in the middle, resulting in phase mismatch.

Phase mismatch between frequencies distorts the sound, so what you’d do is wind up with a worse sounding cable than if you had many strands of smaller diameter wire where the propagation velocity is the same through every wire and the many wires can handle the high current.

It’s not obvious. Very not obvious. But that’s what happens. This is just one of the effects of what happens in a wire discussed in part 2 of:

Speaker cables are being discussed in a new series starting with

So, no, you won’t hear any real benefit to what you suggest.

Thanks for the intelligent reply and the links, which I am reading with interest.

(I still might try this cheap experiment-- theory versus praxis, trial and error. These cables are litz, so skin effect should be less, and I’m using short runs of about 3-4 feet, so resistance should be less than with a longer run.)

It’s always a good idea to experiment: “In theory, theory and practice are the same, in practice they aren’t.”


I agree with ted. Try it out. You don’t have anything to lose any=d you just might dicover something worth while.