DS: After disrupted update, no firmware update possible anymore

I mistakingly left an SD card with firmware in the DS and when I recognized the update process while switching on, I silly-wise switched power off within the process.

Since then when trying a proper firmware update the screen just shortly flashes and turns off.

Is there any chance to get it running without further maintenance? Thanks!

A force load will fix you up, contact PS Audio support.

In general it’s just fine to leave the SD card in over power offs. The system will recognize that the version is the same as what’s loaded and will skip the reload. (There are debug versions which load every time but they shouldn’t be in the wild.)

Hi @jazznut

Email service@psaudio.com and we can get you some force files.

Thanks a lot for the immediate support guys, I’m ready to rumble again!

Well that didn’t take long. happy-048_gif

A near record!

And wonderful news. :slight_smile:

Well, the first answer in the forum after 7 minutes, the mail with the files from PSA service 6 minutes after my sent mail…that’s great customer service when needed 77_gifsmiley-music005_gif

I just had to store them on the SD card and plug and play.