DS, Bridge 2, JRiver, network switch? (Can't see DS in JRiver)

I’ve been through the setup sequence, selecting “Use media network to share this library and enable DNLA,” then selecting “Audiophile 24-bit DAC (PS Audio, etc.)” “Finish”, then “OK”. When I do this, under “playing now,” I only see “Player” and “Playing from Main Library.” “Player” outputs audio through my laptop speakers.

Is the problem that I’m using a switch instead of a router to connect the computer with the DS? That seems unlikely to me, since (I think, though I’m not a networking expert) that’s the correct tool to use here.


Is your connection to the switch wired via Ethernet or wireless? I don’t use a switch but connect to the Xfinity Gateway wirelessly and while it sometimes takes a while for the Bridge (original not Bridge II) to see my PC via JRiver, it does eventually appear.

Joe, connection is wired. Still, it took a while for “Bridge II” to appear. Then it played a few seconds of a song and then started hopping to the next and then to the next, with no sound emerging. And then “Bridge II” vanished.

I use a switch, to which are wired my NAS, my audio computer (used only for recording) and my B2/DS. Works fine, although I do not use JRiver.

magister, what software are you using to send audio to the B2? I’ve struggled long enough with JRiver; would love to try something else.

MinimServer. I recommend it very highly; it’s donationware, so you can try it and see if it works for you. You can install it on a computer or on many models of NAS. On a NAS, the hardest part is getting the right version of Java; there is good documentation about this on the Minim website. Make sure you install the MinimStreamer component so you can use DoP if you stream DSD files to the Bridge. Sound quality is very good and if you are a classical music listener you will be in heaven at the flexibility that Minim provides for displaying and searching based on your tags (assuming your files are well tagged smile).

Thanks for this. I downloaded Minimserver and immediately got a warning message about Java 7 (?) conflicting with Chrome. Abandoned it then. Will try again later.

Please let us know how this works out; I don’t use Chrome so I have no experience here. Simon, the developer of MinimServer, is very responsive to questions about installing and using Minim, so don’t hesitate to post a question in their forum if you need help.