DS DAC and DSD 128

Okay guys please help me out here.

I am using the DS with the bridge, a Melco where all my music is and I also have a Roon ROCK.

I get DSD 64 from the bridge, but how do i get 128 from the USB. Melco will not support ROON.

What software can i use for DSD 128


If you want more than DSD 64 or 192kHz 32 bit you can’t use the bridge II which connects via Ethernet. These are the max the bridge II will do.

You will have to use something like a music streamer and connect via USB or I2S to get DSD 128. Does Roon Rock have a USB connection?

From my understanding PSA isn’t doing more development on the bridge II card as they are coming out with a bridge III card. Now it will not support Roon so that doesn’t appear to be an option.

Looking at Roon Advanced settings for the Bridge, it does not offer a 32-bit choice.

Melco owner over here too :wink:.

With DSD128 on the Melco (or USB-attached external drive) there are quite some options (i.e. BubbleUPnP) to play it on the DS via USB.

Do you use Minimserver on the Melco instead of Twonky? If not just give it a try. Not that difficult to install providing slightly better SQ and more settings/tweaks. However a small donation would be appreciated, it’s for free…


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Hello okay thanks I’ll try minimserver but which bubble app will be good for the iPad ?

The Bubblexxx player apps run on Android, not iOS.

+1 for MinimServer on the Melco. For the iPad, try the new Melco app:

Tried 3 apps on my i-Pad streaming Melco/DS via USB, all functioning flawlessly:

  • Melco Music HD (mControlHD variant specific for Melco)
  • Lumin
  • 8player pro
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