DS DAC compatible with a Toslink splitter?


I read the Paul’s Post a few weeks back regarding the topic of hum in your system, as my stereo hums terribly when i have the TV or DVD playing through it. Quiet passages, and when on stop/pause, the hum is very annoying. So i tried a toslink cable from the TV into the DS Dac and it completely solved the hum issue as suggested in the Paul’s Post.
Problem is, I had to unplug the toslink i had running from my Sonos in order to experiment and see if this would solve my hum problem.

So my question is, does the DS Dac work if i go buy a cheap toslink splitter and hook it into the DAC? And if so, how does the splitter know which signal to accept if I accidentally have both the Sonos and TV going at the same time?

I already run my CD player though the coax input on the DS DAC, and don’t see any other alternatives for hooking three sources into the DAC since none of my sources have USB output on them.

Thank You


I think you are looking for a switch rather than a splitter. They don’t seem to cost much (Amazon lists several) and come with remotes to switch inputs. In general they should work fine except they may not pass the highest resolution stuff, which presumably wouldn’t be a problem for TV or Sonos.


Thanks Stevem2! I think it is a switch i need. Just read about them. And Sonos does not do high res anyway, so not a problem. Thank You.