DS Dac static when pausing 96/24 songs using roon

Hi, I’m looking for help to resolve an issue with my directstream dac.

Some brief details on my setup: I’m using roon and bridge II. My roon core is hardwired to my network and passes through a router which is hardwired to my DSD. I am using snowmass.

My issue is a brief burst of static when i pause a 96/24 bit rate song. The screen on my DSD shows the bit rate changing back to 16bit and that is when the static occurs. No static after pushing play and resuming playback. I occasionally notice the brief static when changing songs too. Any idea how to fix this? I am worried this static is going to damage my speakers.

Some additional info:

Resetting the entire network and power cycling everything (including DSD) did not resolve anything.

The static only appears on 24/96, 24/192 music that is stored on my roon core. MQA files streamed from tidal do not cause the static. In addition, there is no static with 16/44 music, whether locally stored or streamed from tidal.

I have come up with a work around, which requires me to mute the DSD while I switch out of playing locally stored 24 bit music.

Is this a known bug? And how do i fix it?

Have a look at this thread:

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Thanks! I’m following that thread now.