DS Jr crashing

Just purchased a new demo PS Audio Direct Stream Jr from Authorized dealer Audio Advisor. Looked unused. Received it yesterday. Updated firmware to Red Cloud. Machine playing fine, showing 24 bit, 176.4. After a few minutes it self terminates the music and the display reads 0 bits. Happens on different inputs. Guess it’s gonna have to go back. You can recycle it by turning on a off the rear power switch, but issue reoccurs. Any thought to what the failure is? Power source is P5. Might be an easy fix, but I’m a bit concerned about it going belly up for no obvious reason.

Have you tried different playing programs? There may be a chance that it’s on the computer end of things and not the DAC.

Source was XLR AES Bryston BDP-1 via Roon, and was still playing after the failure(s). Happened via USB as well. Other DAC (Schiit Gumby) not having this issue. Puzzling?

Guess I could feed it from my Oppo player…

It’s worth a try. It isn’t likely, but that would be an easier fix if it were the problem.

Since it’s a demo, you can’t be sure of it’s history either, but it looks brand new.

Recycled DSJr rear power switch. Worked for about 4 minutes. Oppo UDP-203 playing a redbook CD 16/44.1. via SPDIF. DSJr self terminated and screen now reads PCM ——-0 Bits.

CD still playing on OPPO thru Schiit DAC (toslink). Looks like a defect of some sort.

I’d agree, you’ll have contact PS Audio support. Bummer.

Thanks Ted.

Hey Ted. Could this be a thermal trigger or a bad part sensitive to heat. I had an AC infinity component fan running above the Direct Stream Jr keeping the area temperature down, but the RCA output jacks were relatively warm when I turned it off and removed the device from my rack. In short, do these devices tend to run hot, or do I have on that might be running hot.

The Jr does run on the edge of hot. But unless your room is pretty hot and the Jr’s on top of something hot it’s unlikely to be a problem. They’ve run fine when the case was to hot to touch (in the lab.)
Anyway, if you are leaving it in standby most of the time most of the heat is there anyway. Unless you’ve been using the back switch to turn in on every time just before it fails it’s unlikely that it’s how hot it is, it’s more likely related to some statistical problem while it’s playing. Is there any chance that your AC voltage is unusually low?

That voltage above is pretty typical. I’m at the Ducks Oilers game BTW so the system is mostly powered down. I’ll call PSA and Audio Advisor tomorrow. Have to decide whether to return it or to fix it. Sounds great, but when it crashes it’s no fun.

120 +/- 12 is ideal, some early units would shut down irregularly with about 95 to 100V. Extra low voltage is the only failure mode I know of that gives your symptoms, but that’s obviously not it here.

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Hi Ted. Contacted the dealer, and they swapped me out the defective demo for a brand new one (for a slight price increase). Thanks for your help.

Hi Ted. New DSJr received, installed and working great.

Good to hear, thanks.