DS Jr. Firmware Support - will it continue?

I am seriously considering a DS Jr, in the used market, as it seems to fit most my needs and budget. However, it looks like its firmware is behind DS senior, and while I heard it will be supported moving forward, I am not so sure if at the same level or will stay behind DS?

Question for Ted, how long would DS Jr be supported? Or would the next version of Jr, essentially have the same S/W to then make it current moving forward?

I’ll keep updating the DS and the DS Jr with any new ideas I have whenever I put out a new software release for any related device (except when the hardware just can’t support it): They share a lot of the same source and I’m a software guy so I like writing software :slight_smile:


Thanks, so the firmware version number differences between the two is just versioning as DS is 3.06 vs. DS Jr. 2.02…

I asked the same question as I just landed a Jr. I believe they are “apple and oranges” or not directly related. Great to hear the support will continue…

I’m only responsible for the FPGA. You can see them in the version numbers screen.

Each FPGA release is a new number (like Snowmass is 0.139 for the DS Sr and 0.140 for the DS Jr.) Sometimes there are quite a few internal only FPGA releases between external releases.

I would be patient and wait for the TSS to come out. A few DS Sr. units will probably hit the used market at good prices.

I forgot to address this comment: there has always been a new DS Jr release for every DS Sr release. Sometimes in only a day or so and other times more like a month or so if there are unexpected problems.

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So, Snowmass 2.02 and 3.06 are the same?

Yes, they are both Snowmass and the FPGA code is identical (except for differences in hardware.)