DS Junior DAC - Display freezes, can't turn unit off

This is repeatable.

Odd one… Just for curiosity, I cycled through the display by pushing the button… my intent was to keep the display on all the time… I like peeking at it once in a while and it is black most of the time.

Push the display button… push again and cycle through the inputs (started in USB), it cycles around back to USB (turning off on all inputs except USB and Auto… all OK here) then I hold the button in for a few seconds and start cycling through the other display items… When I hit “Max Volume High”, it stops there and is frozen. I can;'t turn the unit off by pressing the front blue button. I figured it would time out… it doesn’t. (UPDATE1: it timed out and went back to normal… I guess I didn’t wait long enough… not sure how long it was… screen came back to normal showing rate UPDATE2: Nope, still frozen after about 2 hours of use when I tried it all again.). I switched the unit off from behind… pulled the plug and it comes back up just fine.

The unit plays and sounds fine.

I noted a few times before here, the unit randomly went to 80 on the volume… another time I powered the unit down for a few hours and when I powered it back up, it came up with volume on 80. I never touch the volume… I control volume on my integrated amp.

Full disclosure: I live in an area where I have frequent power drops. I get maybe one email every two weeks from my NAS telling me my network is on battery power… logs show gap is only seconds but enough to trigger the NAS to send me an email. I do have the JR on a TrippLite power unit (no battery) that filters and adjusts voltage up or down for sags or whatever (I used to have frequent brown outs back when I lived in Center City Philly).

I also checked if my PrimaLuna remote may be being picked up the the JR… nope… cycled through the buttons and the JR ignores all.

Any tips? Heard about this one? I purchased the unit from on on Feb 7 2018 (this year).

Bruce in Philly

To summarize the issue, you’re seeking an explanation for the randomness of the vol = 80, right?

It happens to me also. I just dial it back to 100 where it ought to be and continue from there.

Two issues: volume to 80, and frozen screen and unit.

Bruce in Philly

Wasn’t the frozen screen just a long time-out thing from the open configuration menu?

I am staring at the frozen screen right now… been two hours… won’t turn off with the blue switch… this ain’t right.

Follow my procedure I denoted in my original post and see if it happens to you.

Bruce in Philly

So to be clear, you can’t set “max volume high” without the DSJ freezing?

When I cycle through the display options, it freezes when it displays Max Volume High… when I see it, that its it… it is frozen. Spinning the knob… pressing the button… holding the button… the blue on/off button… nothing. Max is staring at me.

Bruce in Philly

OK, got it. That doesn’t sound right. I can’t imagine, if it was a software bug, something as major as that hasn’t been reported before. Presumably any software bug would cause all DSJ units to behave like this.

Let me try and get you some help on Monday.

Thanx Paul… no biggie… I am not upset. I am an old IT guy – I am amazed any of this complex stuff even turns on.

Bruce in Philly

Hi Bruce-in-philly,

Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear that you are having this issue.
My first bit of advice would be to reset the unit:

a. Make sure the system is muted / powered off starting with the amplifier or end of the signal chain.
b. Power off the DSJ with the rear switch
c. While holding the blue logo button on the front panel power the unit on with the rear switch.
d. When the display shows “set defaults?” press the menu button.
e. Allow the unit to reset

Bear in mind that this will delete any input labels you may have entered into the DSJ.

If you still have this issue of the menu screen freezing please reach out to us at service@psaudio.com
I’ll be there to provide you with a firmware you can install to hopefully solve this issue.
I’ll keep my eye out for your reply there.


  • Jeremy

Thanx Jeremy, that worked! No freeze… However, when it came up, it denoted the volume was at “80”. So it looks like the firmware version I have was burned at “80” volume. This could explain why every once in a while my volume goes to 80.

Does your firmware update address this? If it does, I would like to update it. As I noted, I have frequent power interruptions and my unit randomly appears at 80.

Update: It sounds better… am I crazy? Seriously.

Bruce in Philly

Hi Bruce-in-philly,

It is good to hear that the reset handled the freezing.
As for the 80 volume lets try re-installing the firmware.
I’d like to send you force load code and ask that you message me at service@psaudio.com.
I’ll get back to you with the files and instructions.
Thanks in advance,

  • Jeremy

All good, thanx for your prompt response. System came up with volume “100” and no freeze.

Bruce in Philly

Excellent news!