DS not detecting PCM 2.0 96/24 on coax input


My DS is at the 240 hour point and I have been enjoying the evolution of the break-in period. It is hooked up in such a way as I can readily compare between the DS, my Krell Foundation pre-pro, and my source player analog out simply by choosing the appropriate input on the pre-amp (each input on the pre-amp can be tweaked independently to level match).

At the moment I’m playing Supertramp: Breakfast in America (BRA). The source player HDMI out is connected to the Krell, coax out is connected to the DS, and analog out is connected to the pre-amp. The source player audio is set to bitstream pass-through. The audio track selected is PCM 2.0 24bit/96kHz (via the top menu audio options). The Krell is correctly identifying the audio track as PCM stereo, however the DS display Coaxial Input Source has the red dot of death, Input = PCM, rate – -- data with no sound output.

I have also tried the PCM stereo soundtracks on Seal Live in Paris (DVD) and Sting Live in Berlin (BR) and the the result is the same (red dot of death on the DS display).

What’s wrong with this configuration, why is DS not detecting PCM stereo on the coax input?


I’d suspect digital rights management, especially over HDMI from BluRay. That’s less likely to be a problem with the DVD (unless it’s DVD-A)

Does playing a CD work in this configuration?


Yes, CD playback is normal. DVD and BR is not…


when the player is set to “always decode to PCM stereo” there is no playback issue from the DS. I don’t understand what is fundamentally different between bitstreaming out a PCM 2.0 track from BR/DVD as opposed to forcing PCM stereo output of what is already a PCM 2.0 audio track. It seemingly matters naught to the Krell either way, but to the DS it does.


Probably because PCM 2.0 still includes information which a home theater pre/pro is designed to decode, but which is not clear PCM.

The DS needs to see “pure” clean PCM without home theater type information in the datastream.


As Elk says, there’s probably something different between “PCM 2.0” and “PCM stereo”.

If you could point me to the manual of the Krell I might be able to find something helpful.


Is the datastream the DS is receiving directly from the source player itself or is it coming from the Krell pre/pro?


The DS is connected directly to the source player coax output. The Krell is connected directly to the source player HDMI output.



I misunderstood your configuration and asked about the wrong device, sorry. The behavior you describe is common - many DVD-A, SACD and BLuRay players output different signals at the same time on the HDMI and Coax outputs. They can usually do full resolution audio from DVD-As, SACDs and BluRay discs over HDMI but have many restrictions about what they’ll put out on the coax (depending on the DRM settings on the disc.)

Further some don’t put anything on the coax output iff they are doing bass management, etc… while some have completely configurable mixdown settings for stereo on the coax with bass management, etc. on the HDMI output…

The odds are great that either you can’t do what you want or your player isn’t configured right to do it. I’d be happy to look at your player manual for you if you want, but the odds are that it’s not the DS that’s the issue.


Thanks Ted,

I asked the player manufacturer the question and this is what they said:

On Bitstream Passthrough - Movies will not output through the digital coax audio output. Only CDs will.

On Player Decode - Movies and Music will output over both outputs however PCM is limited to 48 kHz.

To achieve an external DAC useage at 96/24 it would need to have an HDMI input and the player would need to be set to bitstream passthrough

Which explains why the DS couldn’t play in this configuration, as there was no signal at the coax input!