DS phase toggle

Ted, thank you for the remote control phase toggle on the DS!

Something like half, maybe 60/40, of the tracks I play change fairly significantly in stage width and more so in depth depending on the phase-in or out setting. I can’t see the DS so I don’t know which setting is selected, it’s purely by perception/ear/brain.

I’m curious why this difference occurs. I believe I’ve read the DS phase toggle is flipping the absolute phase. From what I’ve read about absolute phase, it’s discussed in terms of the system and how one is often more ‘right’ than the other for the system.

But I hear these differences between different tracks from different artists and different albums so for my setup I don’t think this idea of a system phase setting applies.

Do any of you know of an article that explains or can you explain why toggling the phase can have such an impact on the overall presentation of some tracks, and why it doesn’t have any audible impact on others?

Search for “absolute polarity” “george louis”, e.g.

I wouldn’t take everything he says literally and some of his speculation is out there, but he’s spent a lot of time on the subject.

It’s a good reminder, Ted. We frequently don’t think of phase, but with it at our fingertips, we should.

Thanks, I found his writings shortly after posting the question. There is a bit of a nut job in his word choice and delivery but I definitely learned something reading his papers.

For example: ‘Asleep at the Polarity Switch, a Conspiracy of Negligence and Hubris, and How the Entire Music Industry Killed the Music 35 Years Ago

Just a bit of an exaggeration, eh?