DSD-128 on DirectStream

I have downloaded a few files in DSD-128 format. Some play and some don’t. Does anyone have any idea why?

Can you provide more detail? What files and which do not? Where id you get them? How are you playing them (player, interface, etc.)? What does the DS display in each circumstance?

Elk, thank you for your clarifying questions. I suspected that my very general question would provide a response indicating which specifics were important:

I downloaded a DSD-128 zip file (Carl Orff / Carmen Burana) from “HighDefTapeTransfers.net.” I unzipped the downloaded file and transferred the unzipped .dsf files to my Wyred4Sound MS-2 music server. They wouldn’t play at all, and the DS display indicated “176.4 24 bit PCM.” The W4S server is connected to the DS via I²S. Most of my playable downloaded DSD files come from Acoustic Sounds; which play perfectly (along with cover art). I have also tried some other download sources, with mixed results. I have since noticed that a few other DSD files (in .dsf format) which I previously downloaded (but hadn’t yet had a chance to play) would also not play. These files were from "Native DSD Music. The few files I have in .dff format do not play at all.

In troubleshooting this issue, I asked HighDefTapeTransfers (HDTT) to resend the same album (Carl Orff/Carmen Burana) in DSD-64 format. Those files played perfectly and sound absolutely wonderful. The other non-playable files from “Native DSD Music” are also all in 2-channel .dsf format. Any advice or insight for troubleshooting will be greatly appreciated.

Some files are marked with a sample rate of 64FS even tho they are 128FS. I don’t have any examples personally, but it was enough of a problem that the foo_input_sacd plugin author for the foobar2000 SACD/DSD reader added a menu item to smash the sample rate to 128FS.

FWIW: I have a fair amount of double rate DSD and haven’t seen this problem yet.

Just in case the problem is simpler: is there any chance that your music server is doing some downsampling, volume control or DSP, etc. under some non-obvious circumstances?

If you can put a sample of a file that won’t play on dropbox (or something like that) I may be able to look into it from that angle. If you can do that you can PM me a link.


I share Ted’s suspicion that something is going on with your server software, particularly since you can’t play dff files at all. What are you using? If it’s software that came with the W4S server, I would definitely get in touch with them.