DSD Generating random noise after 2-4 second loss of power

With the multiple storms passing through the midwest - our lights flickered and lo and behold all my PSA equipment turned on from standby.
Turned everything off and then on. Weird noises came through the system which I tracked down to the DSD as the source. Reinitialized it and the noise disappeared. Any ideas what caused this problem - better still why are PSA products so labile with power interruptions?
My Marantz units are on standby but they never spontaneously turn on when there are power issues.

A power glitch (sometimes) can cause the FPGA in the DS to get corrupted without it or the main processor noticing that there was a power glitch. It certainly doesn’t happen with each power glitch and there’s a power supply level sensor that let’s the display/control processor know if the 5V rail for the digital card goes below 4.63V which should cause a reboot of the system when the power get’s back up to nominal.

I don’t represent PS Audio except for the DS, so I’m just speculating here, but standby in much of PS Audio’s equipment is essentially just muting and turning off the display (and, say, removing power from tubes in the BHK amps) so glitches in power during standby is virtually the same as glitches when out of standby. In my house PS Audio equipment isn’t any less or more likely to need powered off and back on after a short power glitch than other brands/units (tho, for example in my system my AV preamp is the most likely to turn off and the power amps are the least likely to turn off.)

[Edit:] I didn’t integrate the thread title in when I read your post: I’ve seen times when the main processor should have rebooted the FPGA and (for whatever reason) it didn’t, I’ll try to work with PS Audio on the next release to guarantee that the system is more completely reinitialized after a brief power off.


Not sure what you have for equipment and what the problem is. Sputtering of audio? Which products?

I have a P5 with the DSD and DMP combo and a BHK Pre and a 250. Ted seems to have answered my question.
The DSD was generating random noise - not white noise- after the power came back on - and this went away when I reinitialized the DSD.
Despite a lot of discussion I still do not understand why when the PS system suffers a power outage it comes ‘on’ when the power is restored and does not return to standby.
On my Mac a power outage results in the system shutting down period. On my TVs and on my Marantz home office system, both of which revert to standby when I turn them off, power outages have no impact on the equipment status.

Right. Thanks. We made the decision quite some time ago that in the event of an outage the PS product would come back on and return to the state it was left in. This decision was prompted because people tend to plug a lot of network devices into Power Plants like routers and modems. These need to be restored automatically in the event of an outage but if the Power Plant went into standby that wouldn’t happen.

Further, we reasoned that most modern hifi equipment enter into standby mode when they come back on so that would be plenty safe to just restore their power.

Lastly, older stereo equipment with hard wired mains switches would be ok as well (in our opinion) because most people using Power Plants also use them to turn on their systems and thus they would place the power amp in a delayed outlet and the preamp into the instant on outlet so there’s no turn on thump.