DSD level jumping around

Anyone run into the issue of your DSD resetting the output level to 60? I can set the level to 80 which is where I like it. It will be playing along at 80 then suddenly the volume drops and when I check it’s back at 60. I use 300B SETs so I need the output.

Are you using the Bridge input when it changes? If so are you using Snowmass 3.0.5 or Snowmass 3.0.6. If not try them.

Hi Ted… I’m using the I2s input and 3.0.6. I tried to just lock the volume and at first it would only ley me lock at 60 and the increase / decrease buttons on the maintenance screen would not change the value. After cycling power a couple times I have been able to lock the volume at 80 and for the last hour it has not jumped back to 60. Locking the DSD volume is OK for me since it is feeding a BHK Sig pre and I can adjust from there.

Thanks. I’ll have to add that to my internal list of failure modes (as you might have guessed most of the UI volume jumping things I know of are from the Bridge, but getting better each release.)

No worries Ted, I’m just enjoying the wonderful music.

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Talking of DSD failure modes, we had a nanosecond power outage last week. When I rebooted my PSA system, the volume setting on the DSD was set at 25 like the BHK preamp the latter of which worked fine. I increased the DSD volume but it would not go above 72 - my usual setting. Didn’t matter if I rebooted, used the remote or the touch screen it would not go higher than 72. I was going to call PSA but we had a tornado warning in Ohio and I shut everything down. When I rebooted the next day, the DSD and BHK were again at 25 and I had no issue in going above 72 to 100 on the DSD. Just thought you might be interested.

One source of errors with brown out like things is that the display processor doesn’t use the same path for rebooting as it does when first powered up. PS Audio engineering is aware of those kind of problems and will be designing further products to avoid things like that. If engineering time were free and all other products worked perfectly then a complete rewrite of the DS’s control processor code would be a good thing for many reasons.


Recently with my DSjr (I know it’s a different component from the DSD but just stating this as it does drop in the Jr as well) it’s happened quite more frequenly. Maybe 2-3 times a day of volume drops, but in my case down to 50 not 60.

Now, if I was the one who suggested that, fire and brimstone would come raining down.