DSD not seen after Win 10 system image rollback

This one could drive me crazy. Recently, I’ve had a what turns out to be a common Windows 10/1511 to 1607 update failure and thus a couple of times to roll back to 1511 using a system image backup. The thing afterward both times is that my DSD, which is connected via USB to a JCAT card (desktop), via a LANRover and TotalDac USB cable, has not been seen by Windows Sound or in Device Mgr afterward. If I move the cable to a motherboard port, the DSD is then seen, but even then it will play just a second then stop. The first time this happened, a week ago, I eventually got the DSD recognized by replugging everything; moving the USB cable back and forth a few times between JCAT and mobo port; installing the USB driver when it was in the mobo port; reinstalling Torreys; and then reconnecting to the JCAT, with a couple of reboots tossed in. Whatever magic was involved there, the voodoo is not working this time. Btw, this same thing happened - problem and solution - a couple of years ago running Win 8.1 repairs and a different motherboard.

I’m assuming this involves something in the relation between the PS Audio USB driver, Windows OS and possibly Torreys, but I can’t figure it. Is there something in the registry to look at? Other ideas? Thanks,

I doubt that reloading Torreys is necessary in this circumstance, but cleaning up the USB drivers is often necessary in these circumstances (depending on your other USB hardware/drivers.)

Here’s what you need to do to uninstall and reinstall the USB driver: http://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-fix-usb-connectivity-issues-with-dacs/ When it talks about powering off the DAC also power of the LANRover.

Thanks Ted, but Programs & Features (nor Revo Pro) in Win 10 Pro (1511) doesn’t have a PS Audio entry. Some more searching around the 'net came up with a solution: in Device Manager > USB Controllers, right click on the USB Root Hub entires and run scan for hardware changes. The second one I tried brought the PS Audio entries back to life.

Btw, with the Memory Player out, do you have plans to part with your Oppo with the Vanity card? Asking because they just ran out of those for the 103 - I was watching the wrong page - and don’t plan to produce more with the 203 out now.


In general if you have the chance remove the PS Audio USB driver prior to changing the OS, then reinstall it on the other side.

Also you can go into device manager, show hidden entries right click on the two different PS Audio hardware entries and remove the driver…

I don’t have the new player yet and I’d probably keep the Oppo for a while since I have to test things with it now and then (somewhat ironically, the stock Oppo has the sloppiest clock I usually run into :slight_smile: )

Ok. Removal seems to be done through Device Manager.

If you do decide the dump the Oppo at some point, feel free to pm me to see where things stand.

Ted, I had to go through the driver install again, this time per the instructions. One thing to note is that in Programs & Features the driver is not listed under “PS Audio,” as I had been looking for, but as “USB v.1.61.0.”