DSD output to Amp enough gain?

It would be helpful to know components involved to make a recommendation, I understand you are going from a KT88 o 805 based amplifier. Also, what speakers are you using ad what is there rated efficiency?

As Lon stated the backlog for new Decware product is significant with delivery out to two years or more, my estimate. Obviously if you track down a used Zstage then no long wait. You could have it re-certified by Decware as well which also renews the unlimited warranty. Give Steve a call at Decware for details. The Zstage will provide up to 5 Volts gain, versus typical sources and preamps which are at 2 Volts. So it is an option. I do not own a Zstage but from the info on Decware’s website I get the impression a typical Zstage user wants additional gain and the ability to tailor the sound with various 12AU7 tubes. I’d also discuss with Stev tube availability from Decware, as well as alternate tube options.

You probably have found the manual, but if not here is a link:

Decware Zstage manual

Here is the Product Info page:

Decware Zstage

Good Luck!

Thx Weedeewop, my speaker is vintage Sonus Fabor Electra Amator of 87db min 30w. I will email Steve to seek some advice, unfortunately I’m down in Australia so guess not much luck with the shipping now, but will see if any luck :grimacing:

Nice speakers, but I wonder if the 805 has enough umph, current capability for the Amators. I also believe the Zbit recommended by Lon may be a great option, and no tubes.