DSD & PCM - Will Using a MiniDSP Balanced 2x4 Deteriorate the Benefits of DSD, Hi BitRate PCM?

The answer is yes. With my Analog EQ’s obviously, this isn’t an issue and I do hear the improvements in the various digital formats out there.

So my question is :

Al these DSP controlled Speakers that are now common place obviously don’t do “DSD” but are PCM based. The Mini DSP stuff that’s very popular is only 48kHz/24Bit. Even though it would be fed from the analog outs of my DAC. Wouldn’t this still be “downconverting” or "downgrading"any benefits I had previously with the analog EQ’s ?

Depends how well the miniDS is implemented, can you audition?
Additional conversions are not ideal if course, but once main DAC has done its job the signal is analogue, so no actual interaction of bit rates would occur, ifbthat was your concern.
Give it a try if you can, the miniDSP comes highly rated amongst the DIY active speaker community and some of then are working at a very high fidelity level :slight_smile:

If you are planning to go digital direct into the miniDSP then yes will be directky converted into PCM, but still try it if you can they may be using very high precision maths and it may sound very good- analogue filters have their own issues and artifacts so it may be a worthwhile tradeoff…

The manual of this item says:

“The miniDSP Balanced 2x4 and miniDSP Balanced Kit provide two balanced analog inputs and four balanced analog outputs. They are a simple, cost-effective DSP solution for many audio processing needs. They are also an excellent starting point for learning about DSP for audio applications.”

Further up the range there are higher sampling rates.

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Behringer dcx2496 - 200 quid, dbxvenue320 - 800 quid, both do digital and analogue in and both are 24/96

Price looks very good on that minidsp - I’d miss the on-devvice programming and eye candy displays but for many this looks like a great place to start playing with dsp - I wonder if it can do graphic and parametric eq at the same time as crossovering.
Separate programming with a laptop would suit many :slight_smile:

i look forward to hearing how it goes :slight_smile:

Well. I just cancelled it.

Gonna try these anyways and see if they will or will not degrade my setup. Money back through Amazon if I’m not happy.

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" The Mini DSP stuff that’s very popular is only 48kHz/24Bit. "
The HD versions are up to 96kH x 52 bit. I use a 4x10HD to great effect on my LXmini+2 speakers. I don’t know why you’d use the analog inputs unless there’s no other option.
My system is Jplay pc–>usb-spdif(toslink) converter–minidsp–>dac–>amp.

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Better build quality than the Behringers (which suit my price range and allow continuous tweaking on-device but can be unreliable) and looks to be a powerful platform for the price :slight_smile:

I bought these and the they have an I2S output alongside the analog balanced outputs using the the internal 24Bit/48kHz DAC. I’ve just about got this box dialed in where it’s almost as good as my modified Analog Bose Series 2 EQ.

I have LXMini now, and am thinking of moving to the LXSirius +2, partially for the extra dynamic range, and partly to get rid of the amps in each speaker.

Have you heard or heard of comparisons between the two options for 6-channel power box? One has analogue, one digital. I would be feeding in an analogue preamp signal via balanced cables.

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I assume from you post that your LXMini have built in amps. I would bypass the amps and use them as passive speakers. I use an external amp (ATI506) with mine.

A short while after I built the LXmini I added the subwoofers designed by Dave (from the LX forum) with the Minidsp 4x10HD. I wanted to gain the extra bass weight and relieve the L16RN-SL woofer of the stress of producing the low bass. This worked very well and I’m very happy with the sound.

I have not heard any of the LXMagic power boxes, so I can’t help you there.