DSD Sr with Sunlight - ROON Optimum Volume Settings

This topic has been here before, but I’m starting again.
ROON ‘normal’ guidance for DAC is 100%, with control of final volume by PREAMP/AMP.
I have a PL EVO300 Integrated amplifier coming off the DSD RCA outputs.
At 100% on DSD, WITH Attenuator ON, I have to go to 2 or 3 o’clock on PL Integrated to get 75-80db.
Still 100% DSD, turn OFF DSD Attenuator I am down around 7 or 8 o’clock on PL for 75-80db.
This is a HUGE disparity, and I’m trying to determine next steps.
My PL is cleanest between 10 and 1 o’clock, but I would have to monkey with the DSD volume to do that (change from ROON recommended 100%).
First real question here is, does the DSD produce cleaner output with ATT ON or OFF?
Second is, does anyone have any testing experience with this for best sound?

Attenuator „off“ is widely regarded - also in my experience - as delivering the better SQ.

Try to set the DSD to 92. This is also a recommended and Ted approved setting.

If that‘s still to loud - and you are not a hardcore purist :slight_smile: - you might experiment with „Volume leveling“ in Roon (see screenshot - you might want to go with -19LUFS and -6dB).


@Philipp_Schaefer Thanks for your clear and detailed response. MUCH appreciated.
Yes, this is a tough one. I have been a ROON user for some time now, and have ‘so far’ resisted both DSP and Volume Leveling and have been mostly pleased with audio quality.
I can certainly do some testing though, to determine my tolerance for Volume Leveling.
The details about the use of the DSD attenuator is VERY helpful though. I couldn’t find what @tedsmith had said on that one, although I figured it was out there somewhere. I will focus my testing around that and see what I find.

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I decided to stay out of the digital domain for volume setting. Roon converts DSF files to PCM for DSP volume setting.

Just bought a quality passive preamp and awaiting delivery.


The Khozmo has a balanced ladder for attenuation, and the ladder type maintains constant impedance to the amplifier.

Here’s the version I ordered.




The ladders are always amazing to me. So many little resistors.

Very attractive machine