DSD sync problem for Aurender 192k files


I just got my Direct Stream DAC and connected it to my Aurender S10 Music Player using a digital RCA-cable for S/PDIF (Nordost Valhalla). It all works and sounds great for all my music files except those in 192kHz. When trying to play such a file, the front display changes back and forth between 96 and 192 kHz, bot no signal comes from the analog outputs. Does anyone know if there are any known issues using the Aurender with the DSD? For the record, I have not tried any of the other digital interfaces like AES/EBU or USB. cry




The only time I saw all rates except 192k working with RCA was with a horrible cable (one of those that used to come with VCR’s :slight_smile: I doubt that it’s your problem, but if you have any other RCA (even one for analog) you might try it as an experiment.


Hmm, interesting. I have tried another digital cables (Audioquest VDM-3) and a no-name audio cable with the same result. But to give it a try I threw in a cheap XLR audio-cable I had at hand connecting via the AES/EBU terminal and then it worked just fine!

Still no clue what’s causing the problem with RCA though. Hopefully Aurender can shed some light over this.



Tiz a puzzlement. I was afraid that the cable might made a difference, but the DS should work with any S/PDIF cable.

Is there any chance you are running the original DS firmware instead of the latest? The initial release of the DS had a bug with faster S/PDIF rates and some RCA cables. To check the firmware version press the little gear in the upper left corner of the touch screen. The FPGA should say 0.65.