DSD upgrade kit question

I have a PWD Mk 1 that I upgraded with the DSD kit a few years ago and am now selling. Looking at the upgrade kit manual and remembering back, am I correct in saying that the kit replaced everything except the case and LED screen? That’s what I glean from the video - https://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-install-a-dsd-kit/ Thanks,

Yes, the screen with the button dongle, and the carcass stay. All boards (3) are replaced - also, the separate toroidal transformer that was bolted to the middle of the case is removed.

Thanks. That, along with the video, helped clear it up for a potential buyer. Had I remembered, I could have advertised it differently and probably gotten a bit more. Most people assume that an upgraded unit still has plenty of old parts.

Yeah, there appears to be a slight stigma on the used market about “upgraded” DSDs and “factory” DSDs when the reality of it is that other than the hole in the bottom plate that gets covered by the included pad, once the upgrade is complete, it IS a DSD.

PS has been great about offering an upgrade path, rather than say “too bad, you gotta buy a whole new dac - at a $3k premium.” Even more so than some other brands that tell you that you need to send the whole dac in for upgrade, and makes it an easy swap for those so inclined/capable.