DSJ Bridge II and /or Huron issues

Well I thought that upgrading to Huron and then Bridge II had gotten rid of the gremlins but unfortunately not and there seems to be a new one!

Firstly, the audio drop outs in audio from Roon are still here after the Bridge II update. I use a Roon Rock NUC gen7 with an I5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and an SSD hard drive (above the minimum spec’s for a Roon Rock NUC). Connections are Ethernet via a Dlink Router.

I control Roon from my laptop. I have been suffering from frequent, short dropouts since I got the DSJ with this configuration. Using a USB cable straight from the laptop does not suffer dropouts. I believe that this was a known issue that was meant to have been addressed and I was sent what I believe was a slightly patched version of the Huron firmware to address this issue. It did seem to work for a while but it’s been back again for a few weeks. It happens when I use mouse mainly but it does dropout by itself (well, I mean when I am not touching the laptop). I assume it is do to with CPU usage in the laptop??? Just a guess. This may be a Roon problem as well - I have to post this on the Roon forum too perhaps.

The DSJ switching itself off randomly. I note that it runs really hot. Is that normal? Is it going into protection mode occasionally? I realise that the number crunching is being done by a FPGA device which runs hotter than a DAC chip but I am measuring temperatures on the case of about 45 degrees centigrade. Seems very hot for a DAC but then as I said, this is not a normal DAC so that might be OK. I simply push the blue button on the front left of the front fascia and it comes on again but it is a bit annoying.

Another new issue that struck yesterday and the day before was that the unit is switching itself off and on again continually when changing volume in Roon. I usually use my pre-amp remote to change volume but I had a few cases where I needed to quickly drop the volume so I used the Roon volume control do to it this week. On those occasions, the unit rapidly switched itself off and on again. I could hear it clicking and the power light on the volume control dialogue on Roon went red to show that the unit was off. Depending on the exact timing of when I stopped adjusting the volume, the DSJ would either end up off or on. I was able to switch in ON using the power Icon on the dialogue. Just as a note, before I got my pre-amp I was using the volume control in Roon all the time without incident - it seems that the Bridge II update may have introduced the issue and since I rarely use the Roon volume now I have only just noticed this.

So to summarise. Dropouts are still happening with Huron (patched version) and Bridge IIlatest update.

Unit running hot? Not sure if that is an issue or within normal operation.

Unit switching itself off randomly.

Unit rapidly switching on and off when changing volume in Roon.

As always, I am loving the DSJ - it just seems to get better every day! Hope to hear from you guys about this to get this resolved.

I can only help on part of these questions:

Yes the DSJ runs pretty hot. It regulates a pretty high DC rail down thru multiple levels of linear regulation. Also the bridge module uses significantly more current than the whole rest of the DAC so indeed there’s a slight possibility that any temperature related thing could be caused by the processing in the bridge unit, tho I really doubt it.

FWIW the FPGA (and most everything else outside the regulators) runs very cool.

There is nothing in the DSJ (possibly outside of the bridge unit itself) that measures the temperature and could cause a shutdown. (In fact there is no control of anything in the hardware that the processor could do to shut things down. Standby is just muting and blanking the display.)

It’s not clear to me what you mean by “The DSJ switching itself off randomly” or “the unit is switching itself off and on again continually” - you can’t mean that the unit is resetting itself, since that would involve rebooting the XMOS and FPGA chips which we know takes significant time.

If you mean that you hear muting and relays clicking, that could be the system muting and unmuting for some reason. If you mean that the display blanks that would either be a hardware problem in the display or (more likely) a software bug in the display code.

Unless the unit is really requiring a back of the box power off and power on to get it working again I suspect a software bug in the control/display processor and that PS Audio engineering will need to debug it somehow. But it could be something else that I’m not thinking of.


It is “muting and relays clicking”. There is no reboot and it doesn’t require a restart so it would suggest that the issue is a muting bug as you mention. The Roon software is showing that the DSJ is “off” though - it is picking up some change and showing that the DAC is “off”.


Not that I have high confidence, but, in that case and in principle, the bug could be in Rune as well, tho it seems to be more likely to be some interaction between it and the bridge.

scumbag said


It is “muting and relays clicking”. There is no reboot and it doesn’t require a restart so it would suggest that the issue is a muting bug as you mention. The Roon software is showing that the DSJ is “off” though - it is picking up some change and showing that the DAC is “off”.


Hello scumbag,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

While there is the potential for odd interactions between the DsJ and Roon we are a little concerned about the DsJ shutting down.

If you would, please reach out to us at service@psaudio.com and we’ll discuss having the DsJ serviced.

Thanks in advance,

  • Jerem7


I’ll send an email today (my time).




I sent you an email to address above.