DSJ jr + Roon VS DSJ +Bridgeii

Im curious to understand this…
If I used DS Junior. it has a bridge II card in it. The DSJ is connect to my network via an ethernet card. Im guessing when I use the MConnect player and play a song the song is buffered on DSJ via the ethernet connection.

So i have a wifi between Mconnect Player -> DSJ while DSJ is possibly streaming the song using Qobuz (in a headless way).

This should be superior to
mconnect ->wifi ->roon->wifi ->dsj
as this results in 2 hops and 2 connections via wifi.

Therefore the Mconnect ->DSJ should be a superior system setup. What am i missing ?

Is this hypothetical or you’ve experienced the difference?

My understanding is it’s either Roon -> DSJ or Mconnect -> DSJ.

Meaning you either use Roon or Mconnect as your source/control software.

I’m still learning about streaming and digital sources was a vinyl guy for so long so I’m no expert.

just a question based on my understanding.

For me Roon works 99% of the time…but to me there is 0 difference between a high res qobuz track between Mconnect vs Roon. There are times I feel that BridgeII is better.

The question I have posed to the experts is based on my understanding of networks …so curious to hear what the gurus have to opine.

I think this statement is a bit ambiguous. The Bridge II card is essentially the network card that allows your DS Jr. to connect via the Internet. The way you stated it, makes it seem as though you are referring to the Bridge II and the ethernet card as two separate devices, which they are not.

No, there is no buffering happening via the Bridge II/DS Jr. The Mconnect Control app (or Roon) interfaces with the Qobuz/Tidal (or other streaming service) server and the music is delivered from the Qobuz server to the DS Jr. directly via the Bridge II, but no buffering is happening. This is quite apparent if you have a mediocre internet connection as you will get skips/pauses/hiccups in the music stream.

Yes, the Mconnect Control app is connecting to the Bridge II via Wifi, but not directly. The Bridge II is connected to your network via ethernet (not Wifi) and the Mconnect Control app is able to communicate with the Bridge II via the UPnP/DLNA protocol. There is no direct Wifi connection between the Mconnect Control app and the Bridge II/DS Jr.

This is not accurate. Mconnect and Roon are interfacing with the Bridge II/DS Jr. in the exact same way. Some will claim one sounds better than the other but that is not due to the manner in which each of these control software suites connect to the Bridge II/DS Jr.

Some will argue “yes,” and others “no.” The fact of the matter is there are a ton of variables that can and will affect SQ above and beyond just Roon vs. Mconnect, so it is by no means a simple argument to pitch/win. That said, there are those that will prefer one over the other.

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Sounds like you are trying to make a comparison or assessment between RAAT and DLNA? That argument is in the eye (or ears) of the beholder.

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indeed i am…
However all I want to understand is how 2 hops > 1 hop, or what value the 2nd hop is adding for lets say a HighRes file.
Assuming = I have to identical setups … and im looking purely for SQ and no additional app features.

  1. MConnect Device -> Bridgeii
  2. Roon Client -> Roon Core -> Bridgeii

Trust your ears. Lots of DSP options in Roon. I would rather listen to an endpoint other than Bridge ii. I thought my microrendu and Bryston BDP-1 both sounded better than the Bridge ii on my DSJ.