DSJ remote volume control glitch

I’m getting an intermittent but frequent error in the remote volume control of my brand new DSJ. When either raising or lowering the volume, one push of the toggle takes me back to volume level 1 requiring me to scroll all the way back up to where I was.

I have 2 PSA DAC remotes here currently and both of these are having the same problem which leads me to think the error is in the DSJ.

Any ideas about what this problem is and what the fix might be?

Reset the microprocessor. With the rear switch off, press in the PS button on the front of DSJ, and whilst keeping it pressed turn on the power switch at the back. Then release.

OK thanks.

The first disc played following the reset, the same problem. Will try one more time.


So it’s clear after multiple resets of the microprocessor that this volume control issue requires some other kind of fix.

Hope I don’t have to send back this otherwise wonderful DAC which I’m thoroughly enjoying in every other respect but reliable volume control is kind of a big deal to me.

Any other ideas?