DsJ - Tidal - MConnect - Bit rate

Following posts here, I saved some Tidal Masters Albums to my favorites in the Tidal app. I use MConnect to render the stream to my DsJ. The DsJ always says 44.1 16K regardless of the stream I send to it… I would expect to see the bit rate change on the DsJ if it was truly getting a higher resolution stream. Am I missing something?


Yes it should. But it does not support MQA decoding.


Understood… But unless I did not understand something correctly, the masters albums would be slightly higher bit rate than 44.1 16k… without any MQA unfolding… This may only be the case if using the Tidal desktop app and connecting directly to the DsJ via USB?

I think you are correct.


I believe these files are either CD or DVD sample rate (44.1kHz or 48kHz), and 24-bit depth.