DSJr fixed output level...

I read in one online review of the DSJr that they had set the output level to fixed in a menu function, bypassing the volume control. I don’t see that option in the menu system, so wondering if there’s something I’m missing, the reviewer erred, or if the fixed/bypass option was in previous OS versions and no longer available (I’m running Torreys).

If it was and is no longer, is setting volume to 100 the equivalent?

Thank you,

Chris V

There never was such a function in the DS (Sr or Jr.) Any volume is as good as any other in there is no special value that does anything different than any other value. 100 gives the maximum output (with out the 20 dB attenuator engaged.)

Conversely JRiver MC, for example, has a fixed volume option which would help ensuring a bit perfect output and then you’d use the DS’s volume instead…