DSJr into Quintessence?

My DSJr is connected to a PS Audio Quintessence (connected to the wall with an older PS Audio power cord) with a Wireworld Electra 7 power cable. My amp is a Unison Research Unico SE hybrid. I reside in a three year old, well-isolated flat and the Q’s meter typically indicates a mere .9 THD while streaming TIDAL via Roon/Ethernet/Bridge II. I am on a post-retirement, limited budget. What benefit can I anticipate if I upgrade my power conditioner and if I do, what’s the sweet spot in the PS Audio line, new or used?

I have used my DSJr with both the P5 and P12. There is a product forthcoming which will be a P12 variant, but smaller capacity at around $2k. I would look for a used or refurbished P5 if you want to stay at or below the $2k range. I still use the P5, P12, and Quintessence in my system. In my setup, the P5 would reduce THD from 1.4% to 0.1%.