DSJr not connecting/showing on network

I have a DSJr just recently returned from PSA because it refused to connect or show itself on my network, but is exhibiting the same behavior. In fact, it never showed any sign of being connected apart from the volume drop to 60 issue that others have experienced and was supposed to be fixed in the latest Bridge II update. Using coax or Toslink from the Oppo to DSJr works fine.

I was told a board was replaced (presumably the BII) and the update applied. I can’t verify the update.


  • DSJr running Huron upgraded from Torreys (via loopback to Yale)
  • Windows 10 based network with UPnP, DLNA, network discovery and all sharing turned on (tried with Windows Firewall off as well)
  • Same Ethernet connection including cable works with Oppo player to stream audio and Netflix
  • Updated firmware in rather old (2003) Linksys router (WRT54G ver 2) to latest (2013) firmware in a desperation move
  • Ethernet connection is long from PC (through house walls), but works with Oppo
  • Powers on what appears to be correctly; when finished displays “Artist” and “Title” (with nothing else)
  • Scrolling through the setup menus appears normal until after the Bridge II display name
  • Next display says either getting settings (or something like that) or “”
  • Next display says no update available (I don’t know where to look to see if it is, truly, at the current level)
  • LEDs by Ethernet jack on DSJr flash as you’d expect
  • Windows 10 PC does not see the device
  • Mconnect Control on iPhone 6S does not see the device (as you’d expect)
  • Mconnect utility Dennis (yes, I know he’s gone) emailed to me doesn’t see the device
I’m hoping that this dedicated, experienced and ingenious community will be able to point out something I’ve missed or can check. My intent to buy and keep the DSJr, which apart from this I love, was based on its flexibility and Tidal (and soon Roon?), plus MQA support.

What am I missing?

Thank you,


Hello Chris,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this. This is indeed puzzling in that the unit passed all of our tests when it was here.

Typically we ask that for testing purposes the network be simplified down the the bare essentials (Server - Router - Bridge II).

That you note the network screen shows the message “Getting Settings” confirms that the Bridge II cannot “see” your Win 10 PC. Simplifying your network may get us different results.

As well you are invited to please reach out to me directly and we’ll continue to work the problem.



  • Jeremy

Hi, Jeremy. I just got the same advice from my IT colleagues where I work. I should be able to give that a try tonight and post results.


A couple of items to try.

  1. Check the connection list on the router and see if it has the DSJ listed. You should be able to puzzle out the identities of the connected devices.

  2. Install Fing on your favorite device (tablet, smartphone, even a computer) and check for the DSJ/Bridge 2 on its list of discovered devices. Note that if installed on the computer that firewall issues may preclude seeing some devices on the network, such as the DSJ/Bridge.

These should at least give you the status of the DSJ/Bridge 2 relative to the network. If a tablet or smartphone can see the Bridge but the computer cannot, the problem is likely (but not absolutely certain) to be some kind of firewall setting.

Also, check the network address and netmask of the Bridge against other devices on the network, including the router. It may be that something is failing somewhere in the DHCP link and the Bridge is not getting a valid address and/or netmask.

Just spitballing here. Good luck and do tell us what you find.


Success! In a way.

I moved the DSJr into my office where the PC and router are. I plugged the Ethernet cable directly from the router to the DAC and “lo and behold”, everything works as it (apparently) should. It shows up as Bridge II in Fing (thanks for the great tip).

My first test was to use Mconnect Control to stream Tidal, and selected Joni Mitchell’s Blue. I’m seeing PCM 192k 24 Bits on the display! I also saw the MQA. somewhere.

Now of course it is 50 feet East and one floor down to my audio system, so this up close and personal situation will not be practical, but the bits now work. I suppose I need to call someone to do a quality check on my Ethernet wiring.

Thanks so much for the advice and support!

Chris V