DUET Power Center - Troubleshooting

I’m trying to troubleshoot a condition I found my DUET Power Center in which doesn’t seem to be covered in the troubleshooting of the manual.

Symptoms: No power at any outlet, PS blue logo light on (steady, not blinking).

Tried: Push to reset button pushed, PS blue logo light stayed on, power not restored to outlets.

Tried: remove power from input module, reconnected power, PS blue logo steady blue, power restored at all outlets.

The DUET supplies power to a significant part of my home video security system so it’s a big deal if it fails and outs my system, particularly if I’m away from home for an extended period. I’d like to get an understanding of what may have gone wrong in this instance.

Yikes. Sorry about that.

You might have had a surge that took out the protection and thus disabled the outlets for safety. Can you check with Magenta?

The owners manual covers that aspect, and as I understand it, should that occur then the PS logo would be flashing. In this instance, the PS logo was on steady. I also have a DECTET on the same circuit and it was unaffected.

Hmmm. You’re right. Still, something’s wrong (obviously). Can you ask Mike to take a look?

Just a question, with home security, do you run some kind of battery backup? I am having a senior moment, can’t remember the name of it. Something like people use with their computers?

jeffstarr said

Just a question, with home security, do you run some kind of battery backup?

Don't wind me up on that aspect. I did have two PS Audio PowerPack 1500 Mk2 UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) as mains back up for my security cameras. Seriously, as much as I love PS Audio and its products, the PowerPack 1500 Mk2 was not fit for the intended purpose. If the mains power went out the PowerPack 1500 Mk2 couldn't be turned back on again if the batteries had been depleted to < 19 volts, even once mains power was restored. What a daft design point (or oversight) that was. It was far more reliable to operate the security system from mains via DUET rather than all the problems caused by a UPS that wouldn't turn on when mains was restored after a brief power outage.

The DUET has been bullet proof reliable in all the years that I’ve owned it: up until this recent unexplained hiccup that is. My security system has been out of service for the past 2 weeks whilst I was bobbing around in the South Pacific Ocean, due to the DUET doing something unseen before. That shouldn’t happen and I’d like to account for it. For the time being everything is back up and running.