Elac package

I see that you guys are selling the Elac package. I am very interested in it.

1 question

Why the Debut B6, not the uni UB5?

Can the sprout not make these speakers " come alive"?

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Indeed. We just really like this combo. They have great synergy together.

The UB5 is a little lower in impedance and requires a bit more current, but I am certain the Sprout can drive it well. The UB5 had been more expensive, but after the price drop buying one or the other is much more a matter of preference than money.

I had pairs of the UB5 and the DB5 and a Sprout, prior to giving the DBs and Sprout to my daughter. I liked the sound and balance of the DB5 better, and though I gave her the choice, she didn’t want the “fancier” speaker (they were 2x cost at the time). So I still have the UB’s (want ‘em?). If you’re a fan of concentric drivers, they have ‘em.

I would guess (pure speculation) that the DB6 is “mo bettah”. The Sprout drove the UB’s just fine, but if I were choosing between them for a system to keep with the Sprout, I would’ve kept the DB5’s.

Wow, thanks for the warm welcome and the replies.

Right now I have a 8 year old Polk Audio sound bar, that sounds great. Just want to upgrade. But dont want the upgrade to not be worth the cost and be disappointed.

The only piece of equipment I have running through this is a Micro Seiki turntable with a Shure audiophile cartridge (will upgrade when this stylus wears out)

I am more or less looking for the Pros or the experts to tell me… ya go this route lol.

Sprout has caught my eye since I first heard about it.

I see the reviews (digital trends) that says Sprout will out beat out the ELAC amp any day. That was with the UB5.

Sprout=500, UB5=350= 850

Elac package=800

Not a huge difference in price.

My main goal would to not have a subwoofer.


I guess I should also state.

I want to hear highs, mids and lows how it supposed to be heard.

I love all music from classic rock, hip-hop, old country, rock, and pop. So I want everything to bring the correct sound.

Thanks again guys. Just trying to do my research so I don’t have to upgrade in a very short time

One thing I would do now would be to go for the Sprout 100. 2x the power and a bunch of other improvements.