F.S. Marantz SA-7S1 SACD PLAYER [Sold]

Marantz SA-7S1 reference SACD player
$2,900 USD, + shipping and PayPal fees. Free shipping in Canada.

List Price: $7,000 USD, £5000 UK

I’ve decided to sell as I have upgraded to a PS Audio DSD and DMP. This has been a superb player for me, but it’s time for something new.

  • Near-mint condition. Has 1 very small scratch on top (see photo).
  • One owner in smoke free environment.
  • Laser assembly replaced in 2015
  • Has all factory authorized upgrades
  • Has original double shipping boxes, manual and remote
  • Unbalanced stereo RCA, balanced 3-pin XLR outputs,
    optical and coaxial digital outputs
  • Selectable digital filters for fine-tuning sound
  • Built like a tank at near 50 lbs



  • It has a refined, informative and natural presentation
  • Excellent build and finish


  • The bottom line on my listening tests is that the SA-7S1 is sinfully smooth. It’s like the difference between satin and cotton sheets. When the distortion is as low as it is with the SA-7S1, there is not much more one can say than it sounds like whatever is recorded on the disc.


  • Voices and instruments are rock solid and impressively dimensional, without having that hectoring “look at me” quality that makes ultra transparent systems initially impressive but so often ultimately wearing.
  • Clear high-end aspirations and a dedicated two-channel topology make this an audiophile player for all seasons – or should that be reasons?


  • Stunning player aimed at the serious audiophile community, that offers remarkably transparent sound in the very specific sense that it is virtually impossible to hear it working. CD replay often approaches the quality of SACD
  • It’s a remarkable tour de force and we’re being cautious when we pronounce this as arguably the finest player available. It’s also far from expensive for a machine with such ambitions.


  • The bass is tight, tuneful, powerful and endlessly deep. This is the realm of huge church organs, bass drums, and earthquakes. None of these natural sounds comes close to pushing the SA7 to any sense of reaching a limit in its ability to deliver whatever is on the silver disc. The player takes all music into an open space that has power, exceptionally fine resolution, and a very sweet and open treble. It offers a compelling sense of the listener occupying the same acoustic space as the performers which makes reproduced music more real sounding. This is the essence of the “Analog Experience”.


Sampling Frequency: 2.8224 MHz 1 bit DSD (SACD)/ 44.1 kHz 16 bit linear PCM (CD)

Dynamic Range:
114dB (SACD, Filter 3)
100dB or more (CD, Filter 1)

Frequency response:
2Hz - 100kHz (SACD)
2Hz - 20kHz (CD)

Total Harmonic Distortion:
0.0009% (SACD, Filter 3)
0.002% (CD, Filter 1)

Power Consumption: 26 watts
Dimensions: 18” Wide x 5.35” Tall x 16 ¾” Deep
Weight: 49 lbs.


Will include shipping and PayPal fees in the price to the USA.

New price: $2,675 USD, incl. shipping and fees4_gif

Sold. Thanks.