F.S. ... MINT...$6K***... DMP & DS sr. (w/BRIDGE 2)

DMP sr AND the DS DAC sr. with a factory installed Bridge 2

*** Mint condition… $6,105 for Both, including Bridge 2
(actually…1/2 current list prices)

*** USA . Shipping is included @ this price.

Both Work Flawlessly; never needed service..

Boxed LAST year and stored in a closet…Windom was installed (1st try, as always does) …

Can ship anywhere or you can pick up…


I live in the DC suburbs- USA

oh, yes…plenty of EXTRA Remotes FREE with purchase of the pair.
ANDcentral air with advanced HEPA whole house filter in the HVAC…no kids, no fried (no frying inside the house) food…no smoking…etc…

Lucky me, the upside down ipad clarified things without any trouble… :grinning:

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thanks for providing that tip! ::sunglasses::+1:

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Do they come with the ceiling mounts…?


that’s what those gold rimmed pucks are doing!

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LOL I am afraid not.

But it sounds much better that way.

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Hi @iron I know somebody who might be interested, please PM me.

Thanks for the lead

well, just lowered my price $1,000 and thought i would mention it.

I would like to buy the DSD only.
Can you ship to Canada?

i guess…what is required of me from the carrier?

would your interests include including the Bridge 2?

USPS can help with the paperwork.
Can you PM me or call my cell?


:sunglasses: :+1:
works for me…

How much warranty is left? You said boxed last year but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Purchase date and bought new? Thanks.

Giles, please remove your phone number…i have copied it, so please keep your privacy intact…Ron


Will be out for a hike for the next hour or two.

Not sure I’ll have cell coverage.

Talk soon

What is the production date?

December 12th is 3 yrs old…
i bought new and am the only owner.

I am looking for a black memory player.


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