Failed bridge1 update turns PWD MkII into massive paper weight.

I pushed the green update button on the PWD display in the Bridge settings screen. 5 seconds later the display went black, never to come back alive. After an hour I did a power cycle, hoping to revive it. It’s been “dead” ever since. I can see red LED lights inside, so it’s getting power. Bridge UTP led’s lighting up as well, but nothing else. Standby button won’t turn blue after pressing it, nothing…

Any way to rescussitate this PWD MkII? I can only find rescue firmware for the DS. Not even sure proper rescue files would help. Any suggestions from the experts?

Tnx, Frank

I am not sure what is going on, but try loading this code to revive your PWD. If this does not work, e-mail me directly at And we will see if we can get you fixed up, but it won’t be until monday, as I will be in and out the rest of the weekend.


Thanks, Dennis.

I did as you instructed. No response, whatsoever. We’ll continue this by mail. Have a great weekend!


Did the logo light blink at all when you tried to load the software I sent on the SD-card?