File Format Upsizing ALAC/FLAC to AIFF?

Nice article. Thanks for that.

I read it and yes, the guy I know who claims WAV sounds better than FLAC is running Microsoft Windows on his computer. After the article, something was mentioned in the comments about setting JRiver to load the entire file into memory before playback. I don’t use JRiver so I wouldn’t know, but I’ll tell my friend to investigate this. Perhaps it will make his FLAC files sound just as good as his WAV files.

OK, is this 15% capacity of a general purpose computer (Mac or PC)?
I was referring to the relatively puny power of the cpu in the renderer having less work to do when receiving WAV, rather than FLAC or AIFF, from the network.

It is a tiny Win 10 Pro machine. I3, nothing special. I am not certain what your point is. That a tiny server might do better with WAV vs. FLAC or ?? I have a tiny server as well as a tiny computer. Neither has any issue with FLAC level 5 compressed files.
(The tiny server is a microRendu)