Files not refreshing

…All new files remain on the NAS drive…and will not refresh to bubbleupnp

Tried everything , refreshed everything …

Files are on the NAS fine…but refreshing mininserver, and all parts of the bubble refresh thing …


Anyone had this ? Am I being stupid ?

Love to all…kc

I infer from your comment about “refreshing MinimServer” that you know how to do a rescan using MinimWatch. (I mention this only to cover all possible bases.)

You mentioned new files. Did you by any chance create a new folder but not tell MinimServer to look in that folder? Or not give it appropriate permissions on the NAS? (The latter did happen to me once.)

That’s all I can think of.

Yes to the first two. minimwatch/server are the same thing. you can reload/ refresh etc…using a rightclick. This usually worked fine, but not for a while now.

Whats the NAS permissions thing ? Just uploaded stuff as per all other files.

cheers for the tips…