Finally....PerfectWave SACD Transport

Anyone else notice an improvement in sound after updating to the latest firmware?

It’s not huge, but I definitely think things sound a little cleaner, with better low level detail.

In my system it seems a bit richer but not that much.

Not sure this will help you, but at first I couldn’t get the PST to update using a USB stick. The PST would display the PS AUDIO screen on the display and freeze.

I noted that the USB stick I was using was 32 GB. I rummaged around and found a old 2GB stick and the PST updated with no issues when I used that smaller one.

Did not try updating via ethernet.

I also noticed a slight increase in richness.

These minor improvements in an already good sounding set-up, make listening to music all that more enjoyable.

The way things are sounding in my system now, I could care less about all the talk about better sounding DACs. I’m good to go for the foreseeable future.

If I do anything, I’ll just upgrade the transformers in the DSD, for very little cost.

If I remember correctly, FAT32 works, extFAT won’t.

See. This old post.

And this, if you are in Windows and need to format large capacity USB to FAT32.

alright, I may try it next time since I will need a new USB soon.

No difference here.

Correction–I missed 2.4.2 What does it do? If I’m having zero issues with my PST, should I bother?

I only had minor intermittent issues, which at this point I don’t know if the latest update has corrected that or not. Regardless though I think there is a Sonic improvement, so I would recommend updating the firmware.

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Here is from release notes

Version 2.4.2
Date August 13, 2021 File image.bin
Bug fixes and general performance improvements.
 Skip track time stamps not updated when Track is paused
 "Network Forgotten"screen has right edge missing
 Stop button doesn’t reset track playtime indicator
 Burst of hiss at end of a AIFF track
 When switching from CD to DSD layer, Transport will sometimes get stuck reading disk
 Locks in splash screen when powering on
 Unit locks up after continuous play

Thanks!. I have no issues, so i’ll let this pass.

Try it Ron. I had to use a couple of thumb drives before it stuck but I got it to load.
During beta there were also bug fixes via firmware upgrades. They fixed issues and also
made the unit sound better, go figure. This upgrade seems to make the background quieter and
cleaner, like the Shunyata effect I hear with their power cables.


Yes, a small memory, cheapie 2GB stick was what worked for me.

Try to use the smallest thumb drive you have around. Seems to be the smaller the better for updates. Also, some people have noted that it won’t update if the I2S cable is connected, so try unplugging that as well.

We have the same issue with our CNC machines. For some reason the machine has to read the entire thumb drive no matter how many files are on the drive. For a 16g or 32g drive it takes a long time for the directory list to show up and be able to select a file.
Sometimes the machines will just go into a loop where nothing is happening and you have to start over. For that reason we use 2g drives exclusively. I used to buy 1g drives but they are no longer commonly available.
I imagine that the 2g drives will also end up hard to get. I usually keep 20 or 30 new drives just to keep plenty of spares on hand. Most of the CNC program files are 1g or less. Simple files are only 1k or so in size so the bigger drives are just a waste of time for us in that application.

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Thanks. I will. Nothing to lose.

Will there be firmware updates from time to time for the PST, like there was with the DMP, or are firmware updates for transports just for ironing out bugs? The reason I ask is, this last firmware update for the PST improved the sound of an all ready great sounding transport. Makes me wonder if there’s even more potential waiting to be discovered.


There are currently none planned. You never know what the future may hold.

I hope that there will be a continued emphasis on sonic improvement even if a byproduct of a fix.
FW updates are the icing on our collective cake and it is what teaches these old ears new tricks.
Extended product life and brand loyalty is good for all.


My brother just came by to listen to my new PST and he flat out said “Man, it sounds much better than your Esoteric N03T playing the same music.” My Esoteric is still in the shop waiting for parts from Japan to be fixed, but from memory, I have to agree with my brother. Plus the Esoteric needed the Valhalla 2 USB cable and Matrix, and Farad LPS, and the Dragon HDMI cable to boot.
The PST with the Dragon HDMI is playing at a level I hadn’t heard in my system before. My Esoteric cost only $12k. Maybe I need something that cost $40k to beat this PST.