Finally....PerfectWave SACD Transport

The Esoteric N03T. But it’s a streamer and can play with a memory stick in it’s USB drive also. No disc spinner in it though.

But I had to have a farad powered EtherRegen with a WW Platinum 8 Ethernet from the NAS to the Esoteric and coming out with a Nordost Vahalla2 USB to a Farad powered Matrix to a AQ Dragon 48 HDMI to get the most performance out of it.
The PST needed only the Dragon HDMI, that’s it, to sound it’s best.
So the PST blows it away in value, don’t you think?

I have (and LOVE) the Esoteric K-03XD SACD/CD Player clocked by a Mutec Ref 10 SE120 outboard 10Mhz clock.

Did you get a chance to compare it to the PST?

I would have to sell my beloved K-03XD in order to finance a PST purchase or any other Transport & Dac purchase such as a Jay’s / Holo May KTE combo.

Alright, it should be posted up there soon. My guess is within the next few days.

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If you have the K-03XD, you shouldn’t be looking at these lower cost separates. They are more than likely a step backwards in sonic performance. If you want to upgrade, try the K-01XD. But I think you are pretty much set as far as sound quality goes with the K-03XD.

The PSA blue light button serves as standby on/off. Same as power on/off on remote.

All the PST / Holo May KTE Dac combo talk has peaked my curiosity.
We all know what curiosity did to the cat, though !

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I just tried the button again. I have to hold the button in for a couple of seconds and then release, then it works. It doesn’t work if I instantly push and release. Maybe this button has to break in a little like the rest of the unit.

I know PS Audio let you bring their units home to try, but you just have to pay shipping back if you wish to return it, but I don’t think with the May you can do it, I don’t know. Trying it in your own system is the only way you’ll know for sure. You can’t really go by what others say. You can only get an idea. Different systems, different sound.

All my PSA gears the PSA light buttons just work on a firm push / release. Not sure on the hold part. Maybe, just like you say, it just needs to burn-in. I seldom use this PSA button, remote serves this well. I only have one “complaint” on this PSA light, it won’t dim the light, as DSDAC does, when the unit display is put to dim from remote.

Yes, it stick out like a sore thumb from the other units. I wonder why they didn’t catch this with the beta testing. I’m sure this can easily be resolved by PS Audio.

I just found out if you turn down the backlight on the PST, the light from the button is the same as the other PS Audio components. It is adjustable.

How do you adjust it, Clifton?

You hold the eject button in until the menu appears. Then press the eject button one at a time to scroll through the menu until (system >) appears. Then press the play button and (backlight 10) will appear. Then use the down button to lower the number to the level you want.

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In fact, beta tester has reported this. But this is a “feature” not a “bug”. Like you, I have dim the light via display setting, to match other PSA gears.

Is it that everything after 2.3.1 was not following the WiFi update protocol? I can use the USB in the back, but typing in my WiFi password was no small task on the PST. It updated so slickly last time, that I’m a bit bummed on the delay.

I just checked my PST and it works with a quick push and release. I have only had my unit 2 weeks, but it worked that way from Day 1. Seems like your standby button may be sticking a bit or not properly engaging when pressed.

Thanks for mentioning it works on the remote too. I had not figured that out yet. Pretty neat that I can bring my BHK Pre, Phono Pre and PST out of standby all at one time with one push of the button on the remote. Probably saves some wear and tear on the standby button over the course of years too.


No, I think it was just a simple fact that the update wasn’t on the server so the unit thought it was up to date. My understanding is that it should be up very soon.

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I’m going to try again this morning sometime. Hope it’s there!