Finally....PerfectWave SACD Transport

I should be getting the PST tomorrow and trying to figure out the placement for it.
Wondering if the BHK preamp and the PST could be stacked on the same shelf, or would that lead to overheating, vibration issues etc?
Thanks for any feedback.

PST doesn’t produce much heat at all. The Pre has a tube input but it is not that hot. I have no heat issue placing them in rack.

How did you stack them? BHK on top of PST? And did you remove the feet from the top unit?

Sorry, I misunderstood your intend here, I actually don’t stack them. Each has their own space in the vertical rack. But I think preamp on top of PST makes sense since pre does produce a bit of heat.

But I would suggest to put isolation feet between them such as Isoacoustic series. I really think they will sound better that way.

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Congrats! Let us know what you think after you get some hours on it. There shouldn’t be any problem stacking them. I would put the pre on top of the transport. That way the tubes have some room to breathe. Also, I’d probably leave the feet on. I know aesthetically it looks really clean, I just prefer my gear to have more space for ventilation. If you have the space, some IsoAcoustics Oreas would be slick!

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If you stack them be sure to isolate the two components, it makes a significant difference.
I had the BHK pre stacked on top of the DSD for over a year, then recently decided to place some isolation footers in between them, and I was quite surprised at how much the sound quality improved by separating the components.

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@dchang05, @jamesh, and @Gary_M Thanks for the advice. I ordered Oreas feet.


I just thought I’d point out that the “user review” portion of the PST’s web page shows two reviews of the M1200s and no reviews of the PST.

I don’t know if the folks who need to see this will actually see it here, but I didn’t see any other places in the forum to post it.

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