firmware for Bridge II

Dear friends could you please help.

I have just bought Bridge II. I now have PWT mkII with Bridge I ( but it is dead, or asleep, DAC does not see it and I’ve given up hope on reanimating it after multypull failed attempts).

What firmware do I have to update before or after installing Bridge II?

Where do I get it?

I did try to check the forums on the matter but don’t have clear idea yet on what to do.

Sorry for repeating if it’s so.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

And please, excuse me one more time for duplicating this message in different threads of the forums. It’s just that I want it installed and working properly as soon as I can, you know :slight_smile:

Please do not make duplicate posts. The forum is small enough we will all see your post. It is also much better to have all responses in one place instead of scattered through multiple threads.


Hi surov,

The MK II will not “see” the Bridge II unless you have firmware version 2.4.6 or higher.

The current version is 2.9.7 and this version is Roon ready.

You can obtain the update from our downloads page:

Let me know if this is helpful.

Also, you can email me directly here if you have any further questions:

I don’t recall specifically what the minimum firmware is but the latest version would work. You can find it by clicking on Resources at the top of the page and then Downloads. It’s named PWD 2.9.7 Roon Ready.

I’m hesitant to post since my memory is not so great, but here goes … I recall that the updated firmware has to be installed before you install the Bridge II. Attempting to install the firmware after Bridge II is installed will result in the Bridge II not being recognized, ever. If this was done then you probably have to downgrade then upgrade the software. If someone knows better please correct me!

That is what I remember also – 2.4.6 or higher must be installed in the DAC before B2 installation.

I recently had an update of firmware for Bridge II on Directstream Sr. It is sounding brighter than I remember. Can I go back to older firmware? Will that affect SQ?

If you want to use Roon, you need to stick with the most recent firmware. Otherwise, you should be able to downgrade and get the same SQ you had before.

Look in the Downloads section of the PSA site under the Archive tab. If the older Bridge firmware is not there (and I suspect it’s not), you will need to contact PSA tech support. They can probably send it to you along with instructions about how to install it.