FIXED : Directstream DAC - Bridge II removal gives blank white screen

So I finally got round to removing the Bridge II from my DSDac (as I no longer need it) and after switching the DAC back on all I get is a blank white screen. I have tried reinserting the SD card with the latest firmware to see if that helps - no change.

Anyone encountered this before or have any ideas what is going on?

OK I figured out what was wrong. I reconnected all the inputs (both I2S) and outputs (balanced XLR) before switching the DAC on. For some reason it didn’t like that and wouldn’t boot up - maybe the removal of the Bridge board confused it in some way and it expected to be powered up without anything connected to it.

To fix it: I disconnected everything, put the power plug back in and switched it on and it came on with the usual “Initialising” screen and is now working fine.

I will leave this post up in case anyone else has the same issue.

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Great you got it fixed!
Can I ask, have you noticed the dac sounding different with it removed?


I don’t know if this is relevant to your problem but some I2S sources provide 5V over the HDMI cable, but the DS and DS Jr expect to be providing the 5V - the result is that when the DS is off the I2S source may be trying to power the DS, this partial power can wedge the system, cause the screen to flicker, or any number of other not great symptoms.

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Haven’t had enough time to give a proper listen yet. Initial impression is that the sound is slightly better. Will need to listen more though. Also it is tricky as it is not possible to do a quick A/B like with a cable.

Thanks. That might have been it. Anyway it is sorted now.

Thanks for that, appreciated.

Prefer my Oppo 203 over i2s, so not using my Bridge.
Removed it this morning and have to say the Dac sounds better for it.

For the record, If I didn’t have the Oppo the Bridge sounds great and would be very happy with its sound quality.

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