Flicker Display on DirectStream Jr

I recently purchased a DirectStream Jr. and have the latest automatic updates. I only use 80% of the time the Bridge input to listen to music through Roon. Sounds great. The only other input is Optical from the TV. After 10 minutes of use the display starts to flicker. Any solutions or suggestions to remedy the problem? I’ve tried unplugging different inputs to no avail, and powering down.

I don’t recall this issue before with a DSJ. Short of doing a microprocessor reset - and bearing in mind your DSJ is new - good reason to return it for another one. Reach out to your dealer.

That sucks. I just drove 4 hours each way to the dealer last weekend. I don’t have that kind of time again. I can only imagine what shipping will cost. I just sent them a remote from a trade in DAC that I forgot to pack and that was $9.

Contact PS Audio support first. They may see your post and reach out but the quickest way is to call them.

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Seems to be a few reports coming in of new stuff that doesn’t work properly…

Yes, can you give Jeremy or TJ a shout in the morning? We’ll get you fixed up.

Thanks, It’ll be a little later in the afternoon but I appreciate your quick response.

Hi Shawn_Costello,

Thanks for letting us know about this.
Please reach out to me personally at JeremyB@PSAudio.com with this unit’s serial number.

This issue should not be happening but a good test would be to make sure that the unit is powered with wall power.

Let me know if this changes the DSJ’s behavior or if you are already doing this.


  • Jeremy

Update on the unit. I did as directed by Jeremy and plugged the unit directly into the wall socket. No more problems. I had the DAC plugged into an APC H15 power conditioner and this is what was causing the trouble. Thanks, to team at PS Audio for all their help. This DAC sounds amazing. Off to the listening chair.