Floating the ground - power cord?

I’ve just found a few used AC-10 (and AC-12) cords at a very good price from a PS Audio dealer. One of the AC-10’s is missing the ground pin. It’s the screw-in type and I plan to ask PS Audio for a replacement. But I was wondering about the dealer’s statement that “there’s lots of manufacturers of electronics that float the ground.” Is that true? I haven’t come across any that I know of over the past several years and what I’ve read suggests that lifting the ground is not a good idea.

The subject came up when I mentioned that I’ve needed to use a couple of Ebtech Hum X ground line voltage filters (“ground loop eliminators”) in my desktop audio system, one at the wall receptacle going to the HiDiamond power conditioner, and the other from there to the computer. Otherwise, the noise is loud and continuous from the moment of booting. He suggested that I might try without the ground pin. Fortunately, there’s been no such problem with my living room system. Thanks,

There are a few that that have cables without the ground pin, BUT they usually do have some form of grounding like a secondary wire with a speaker spade connector that would need to be connected to a ground.

So I take it the answer is no, it’s not done or it’s not a good idea?

It’s not good to defeat the safety ground. (But everything in my father’s garage is floated and I can feel the 60Hz vibration on everything, my father can’t.)
If the unit has any other ground path (e.g. thru the shields on a coax, or a USB cable, HDMI cable, audio interconnect…) then if a fault happens that path could get the full 120 AC …
If anything bad happens and your insurance finds out you were defeating safety grounds at the very least you’ll have some explaining to do.
(Personally without kids or pets I’m not too worried about it, but in general it’s better to fix the real problem and I always have been able to do so.)