For best sound, is it necessary to rip CDs to uncompressed instead of lossless compressed format?

So you think there’s nothing lost in translation? I don’t know, just asking because I’ve wondered about this. I’ve converted a few that I originally ripped in FLAC to WAV and can listen to the tracks back to back in JRiver and not sure I can tell any difference but have always wondered if the conversion was as good as if I did the rip originally to WAV.

I’ve flown low level over Uluru hanging out the back of a C130, that was pretty exciting. We wouldn’t get away with doing that sort of stuff any more. Now that I’m much older and less nimble I’m sedately happy sitting where I am at the moment. But I need to drag myself away from the comfort of my listening position and get up on my roof and fix a cracked tile before it starts raining.

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I went thru the effort to rerip a bunch of discs in FLAC that were originally ripped in AIFF and I can’t tell the difference in the files when they are played. I did not know they could be converted from one to the other or that it wouldn’t matter as either format is lossless. Someone with better equipment or better ears might tell the difference but I could not.

Save yourself, accept that FLAC is the good thing. Try to forget the existence of WAV.

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All good. I tracked the cruise missle back in the late 70s stationed in Dugway Proving Grounds. It went against our radar system through the mountains… We were choppered by the Army to our site in the mountains every day for a month or so… Spent many a scary chopper rides with an Army pilot trying to scare Marines. At the end of the missle shoot I saw our XO crack a bottle of Tequila toasting the Army and not one drop left the bottle when he flipped it over… We got so drunk at the Marine Corp birthday we stole the howitzer from the headquarters and drove it out into the desert… those were some fun times…

Forgot - CO made the XO go to get his stomach pumped… it was just funny as hell watching that happen… how do you follow that toast…:man_pilot:

Ha ha…yeah, well 85% or so of my collection is FLAC but a while back I started using WAV exclusively since my collection is only about 425 CD’s maybe and I don’t have to worry about storage.

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Yeah, what a huge country! Where others have all high end dealers of a country within a 500+km radius, you have one in 3500km distance…

Wednesday I leave for La France to visit my friend Vincent, owner of Totaldac. It is “just” an 8 hour drive. We’re going to talk about the Roon client software and some tweaks on the Totaldac player. His software team will be there too. Interesting session for sure. Nice drive also, lots of coastal views. I am going to take home my new 2 USB and 2 Ethernet cables. If I can I will update y’all occasionally. He has some interesting Magico speakers that cost more than my BMW 745d XDrive and all brick house/office building together. :rofl: :blue_car: :office: Never heard them before.

Let me guess, might they be these speakers? Well worth the drive I would suggest.


They sure look impressive… I am spoiled however… Will let you know…

That’s not a speaker, or DAC, or anything else there that I can demo in my part of the world.

I have the impression @Brodric that you are down under… Are you “in the audio business”…?

I live in Perth…and my business is flying helicopters which I ceased doing about 8 years ago.

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Nice, I am a pilot too…! Fixed wing, commercial, multi, instrument… I go to TX every November (20 years now) to fly for Angelflight… My friend there just bought a helicopter and I am thinking about getting a license for that too. Do you still fly for fun…?

No, I don’t fly at all. We have a very generous welfare system in Australia and that fully maintains my fun levels in retirement. But said welfare system is threatening to send me to Brisbane to do a 5 week pilot refresher course, and that looks like happening soon. The cost of all that has been quoted by a training provider, and the number is about what my Magico M3 cost. Ouch, glad I’m not paying for it.

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Thanks to all for the input. Two quick notes. I realize I could just see if I hear a difference. Presently , I don’t hear a difference among the disc, uncompressed data, and compressed lossless through my system. However, I doubt that my system is going to be a constant over the next few years. I hope to make some improvements. If I were to keep the media, then re-ripping would be no problem. However, one of my goals is to pare down the excess baggage, including the size of media collections – i…e., CDs, physical books, LPs, etc. Accordingly, I’ll be living long term with my data format decisions and any sonic limitations those may include.

Best to all.

I’ve booked my ticket to Singapore and made an appointment with the dealer to demo the new Esoteric Grandioso P1X disc spinner and D1X DAC. I need to be convinced that Esoteric could build anything better than P1.