For sale Auralic Vega G2 Dac/Preamp in the UK [Sold]

Auralic Vega G2

Owned from new with very little use and in absolute excellent condition.

Used briefly in a smoke/pet/child free environment.

Boxed with all peripherals

Reason for sale? I changed the setup of my system that no longer required the Auralic.

Excellent sound. Price significantly reduced


Buyer collects or pays for shipping.

Price? Does it by chance have a switch on the rear to go from 220 to 110v or is that permanently fixed?

Hi yoduh
I have edited the original advert to include price which is £3700
There is no voltage switch on the back.
It may be possible to change values internally
Perhaps someone could chime in with an answer to that question
Thanks for your interest.

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Check Your AC Mains Voltage
VEGA G2 is shipped with its mains voltage preset for operation in the destination country.
The mains voltage setting is written on the back of the unit, besides the power cord
socket. Mains voltage setting is not intended to be changed by the user. If it needs to be
changed, contact your dealer or AURALiC.

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I will be selling this equipment as is. I would of thought anyone outside the uk territory would be able to get a local dealer to change the voltage for little or no money depending I guess on their relationship with local dealers.
It is currently set for uk mains

Blue is it still available? would like to know a little more about it and where you are as I’ve been pointed towards Vega’s as potential DAC/preamps for my setup

cheers Graham

Good day Graham
Thank you for your interest
Yes the Vega is still for sale
It’s sitting there waiting for a new owner

Please ask any questions you have

I can’t find a way to PM you so here goes:

Can I assume its fully working and ready for pickup? (I would guess)

what cable do I need to connect a WD ultra passport (5Tb with a USB-C port) to the USB HS at the rear (never made that type of connection before - only type A) ?
Is the auralic’s HS post just a type B port that was used in USB 2? If so is a plain vanilla computer cable the way to go or???

where do you live and how do we arrange a meet? - I’m in North Yorks


Hi Graham
It’s in full working order
The HDD input is a type B
I’m not sure what you mean by “Is the Auralic HS post just a type B port that was used in USB2”
How ever it looks like a type B port and I see no reason not to use a USB 2 cable
I hope that answered your last question.
I don’t have enough experience of different USB cables to comment on using a vanilla cable from the sound Quality point of view. But otherwise they should work.
I’m sure others on this forum would chime in if there was a problem.
I live in east Kent so should you wish to go ahead I think a courier service would be best given the distances involved.
Please feel free to ask any further questions

A lot of homework going on for me at this end as this is quite an investment and I recently I had to return a defective CA Azur851N - thankfully just within warranty. So I’m uber cautious … any warranty on the Auralic is not transferable.

Can you check its on firmware version 7.1.
Not sure how but can I remotely check out that the filters work, digital pre/levels/balance work as well as the analogue in - sorry I know its an awkward question. Could we set up a skype video call mid week?

I guess your happy to deregister it as part of the sale (so the lightening SE can be used by the new owner)


Hi Graham
I completely understand your caution. My personal experience as somebody who has sold my equipment after upgrading has been mainly positive.
If you go to AVForums I go under the name Blueye and you will see that I have 100% satisfaction regarding trading experience with me. Maybe that will give you some reassurance.
I’m using Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers at the moment fed via AES from an Auralic Aries G2 streamer. I moved to this setup after using the Vega and G2 together via lighting link. This then fed two Benchmark AHB2 as monoblocks into some Pioneer s-1-ex. Brilliant sound
The DnD 8c was an impulsive buy after reading so many positive reviews. As these speakers have the DAC and amp inside the vega became redundant.
So that’s a bit of background as to how the Vega came up for sale. I definitely would not be selling the Vega if I could use it.
I will be on a short break away with my wife next week. When I get back I will check the firmware for you. All the filters and the unit worked perfectly when it was last switched on. It has had very light use and has been sitting in a cupboard redundant. On my return we can set up a skype if you wish.
Should you buy the Vega I would of course deregister it.
I have read virtually every review of the Vega G2 and it appears to greatly impress every reviewer so far. I guess you have done your homework and know that anyway.
So If ok with you we can set something up week beginning Monday 12th?
Please feel free to ask further questions.

Yes that is reassuring and I’m away this weekend too so no problem regards waiting until the 12th. You can probably guess my E-mail its of the british variety - you can probably work out the ‘name’ and where to put dots etc rom that :slight_smile:

Doctor General medical council?
I should of added RMN Rtrd to my avatar :blush:

Blood in the end but hey retired too …

Hi Graham
If you are still interested

Would you like me to set up the Vega up so you can see it on Skype tomorrow?
BW Blue

yep that would be good what time works for you? I should be in ost of the time and you can drop me an e-mail direct to make contact -

Good morning Graham
I have spent my time this morning setting up the G2
Enjoyed the sound so much that I got distracted and ended up listening for awhile
I digress
On AVForums there are fairly strict trading rules where all negotiations are conducted on the forum and only moving to PM after an offer is made and accepted.
This is to protect both parties.
I would like to follow this model if that’s ok with you
I have tried to find trading rules on the PSaudio site with no luck
As you understandblly wish to see the Vega in action this might be a minor obstacle.
It looks like you put your full email address on the open forum in your last email
PSaudio redacted the last part of your email presumably to protect you so I am unable to PM you directly
So do you have a UK phone number that you are happy to put on the open forum?
I can then contact you directly and give you my email address.
I haven’t used Skype for years so I will have to resurrect my old Skype account.
I Look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.
Sorry for the Hassle
BW Jerry

Hi Graham
I just checked the firmware version
The unit is ready to accept the update to 7.1
Currently I have kept it on 5.6
Further evidence that it has been in my cupboard for awhile now :blush:

No problem with the site rules (I don’t know them, but lets follow them).