For Sale BHK 300 Monoblocks, black $7,500 shipped! [Withdrawn]

For Sale BHK 300 Monoblocks, black
BHK Mono 300 Power Amplifier
Serial #PWM-A8-8H0704
BHK Mono 300 Power Amplifier
Serial #PWM-A8-8H0705
Look great, but a few blemishes on the faces. Right one has a nick in the top left corner. Left one has a small scratch on left edge and a tiny nick on the right top corner.
The flash really makes them show up. They look good in person and sound great.
I have boxes, but they are not 100% complete. I can triple box them for shipping. Gloves, etc. included.
$7,500 shipped (continental U.S.) and fees included! This is a deal - shipping is tough as these boys are really heavy.

I find a little history helps with sales. How long have you had them? Original owner? Warranty remaining? Stock tubes or other?

Seems a little too good to be true without more details.

I just recently got them from Precision Audio in Chicago. One owner trade in.
Paid $8,500 shipped. Went from M700S and they do sound better, but with my main speakers, Quad ESLs, I think the solid state amps sound almost as good. May go to M1200s. I priced them low to move them quickly. I think they are out of warranty. I supplied the serial number and I will try to verify with PSA tomorrow.

Where are you located?

Louisville, KY

Withdrawing this listing. I have come to terms with the size and weight of these amps and have determined they are worth it!

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