For Sale: BHK Preamp (sold), BHK 250 (sold) and Directstream DAC (sold)

Well, I’ve got to sell my PS Audio stack. They’ve been great to me, but my wife just gave birth to preemie twins, and with our other two kids I need to raise some extra funds so I’m reverting back to a minimal setup. Each unit is in great condition with no nicks or scratches.

They’re all under warranty until mid 2022. The BHK pre and the 250 each have the Tungsram tubes with about 2200 hours on them. They will come with stock tubes that have 200 hours each. Oh and I have some Matsushita tubes to throw in as well.

I’m in Los Angeles area, if someone can purchase within a couple hundred miles, I’d be happy to meet and save us on shipping and discounted cost. Otherwise I can ship anywhere in the US.

BHK 250: $3900 warranty until 4/16/2022 (SOLD)
BHK Pre: $2900 warranty until 6/3/2022 (SOLD)
DAC: $2900 warranty until 4/9/2022

If someone wants the whole stack we can for sure work out a deal.



Best wishes for your children’s health my friend!

“Ditto”, @grateful.

These look like fair asking prices across the board.


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Thank you! It’s a joy

Lowered the price a bit.

Hope you sell soon! This is a phenomenal deal!

All the best with your family! The most important piece of life.


Thanks! Man, having 4 daughters under the of 5 is so much joy coupled with the impending doom of 4 teenage daughters at the same time!


Wow! I have one daughter in first grade, and a 22 year old son finishing his BA at the Univ of Colorado (married twice).

Very best of luck to you and your family! And happy holidays!

First word to teach a newborn: “S C H O L A R S H I P”

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Hah! I’m still paying off my wife and my college debt, I can’t imagine how expensive college will be in 16 years.

How much did you pay for her?


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Im just hoping he got a great deal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha comes with long term maintenance costs

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Hope you sprung for the extended warranty…


I pulled up this post and my 4 year old asked “why is your stereo on the computer?” I told her I was selling it and she started crying hard. This is my life now lol

Monday bump :slight_smile:

Soooo tempting. Are you selling your interconnects too and if so what kind and how much for?

Also curious what you are “downgrading” to. I am enjoying my Strata and once too owned powerful amps (like the Sonic Frontiers Power 2) so you have my empathy brother.

The interconnects are nothing fancy, just the monolith ones and I think are about $20/ea. I’ll for sure throw them in if you want them, they work fine for me, I never really went down the cable rabbit hole (yet, at least). With the DAC I have an audioquest coffee USB cable I can include.

I have a tube preamp/power amp I built years ago. One of the old bob latino ones, it’s not really enough power for my speakers but it makes music. A buddy of mine actually gave me a Rotel RB-1090 recently that hasn’t been powered on in 5 years. It’s beat up but I’ll pull it out and see if it makes music, in which case I’ll use that, otherwise I’ll be using my tube power amp at night only as I don’t want those big tubes on with a 2 year old running around. I’ll be going DAC-less for a while, or maybe get one of those $100 USB sticks. We’ll see. In a few months I’ll probably get an integrated amp to keep it simple, not sure which one yet. I need to buy a car first that is big enough to hold 4 car seats, that’s my main priority! I really love the sound of the PS stack, I swore it was the last thing I would own, ah how things can change so quickly.


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