For Sale: Bryston 7B SST Monoblock Poweramps [Withdrawn]


Up for sale is a near mint pair of Bryston 7BSST monoblock power amplifiers. I have rated these an 8/10 to be conservative, but other than some dust, there are no visible scratches or blemishes on the face-plates. My asking price of $4900 is negotiable, but please no low-ball offers :-).

Please ignore what most people say - these amps are indeed sensitive to after market power cords. I use the excellent Grover Huffman ZX++ power cords on a dedicated 20 A outlet (those power cords on these amps were like an amplifier upgrade). These amps have standard 15A IEC inlets, and will run off of a 15 amp line. These amps have been recently sent to Bryston for the c-Choke upgrades - essentially they are the latest upgrades to the SST series prior to the SST squared. Bryston also completed a full test of both amps and they test better than new - measuring a noise floor of -113 dB. I have original boxes and manual, as well as the test results from Bryston.

For those who are not familiar with Bryston - these 7B SSTs produce 600 W into 8 ohms, and 900 W into 4 ohms with exceptionally low distortion and noise. They will drive any speaker in existence, and many prefer this version over the new iteration (SST squared).

I can accept paypal, but a wire transfer would be better for both as cost is less expensive than PayPal.

Either PM me, or send email to for additional information, or if you have any questions please call me to discuss (905) 220-8430.

There are still 13+ years of transferable warranty left, and these amps are the most reliable amp I have owned. I will be sad to see them go, but I have made a decision to take a different direction amplifier-wise - I am sure I am going to regret this decision!


I can provide additional information for those who need more info on Bryston.


What are you getting to replace them?

Elk said What are you getting to replace them?
Not sure yet Elk. For now I really need to recoup some cash, but haven't completely decided.... I will let you all know once I make that decision.


Happy shopping!

The Brystons are excellent pieces and will not e easy to better.



FWIW I think the new Benchmark amp is worth a listen.

I have yet to listen myself but I have heard very good feedback on it. Priced well so you can use two in mono mode. They claim 130db S/N.

You should be able to audition in Toronto. I know it seems like a dramatic shift but still feel they are worth a listen.


A good suggestion and nice symmetry - replacing one pro company’s unit which entered the consumer market with another. :)

I like both Bryston and Benchmark equipment a lot - very cost effective, solid designs, great customer service. And Bryston’s 20 year warranty is astounding.

If I were Lou, I would however look at something completely different. For example, I adore Atma-Sphere’s OTL tube amps.

I enjoy replacing the Brystons with something else as I will enjoy learning where you turn.


Agreed. I happen to really like atma-sphere amps. But going bareback with output tubes (no output transformer) sort of scares me. I am leaning towards an odyssey - will be another mono block but will be custom built for me by the designer… But I need to sell these amps first.


Price lowered to $4000 USD - this is a GREAT deal on an amazing set of amps. Buyer to cover paypal fees (3%) as well as shipping costs.


still for sale; offering any power cords or original parts/packaging along with amplifiers…?



Hi Scotte - I have decided to not sell these amps any more. Thanks for your interest


Good for you.

Be well.