For sale Directstream DAC SILVER + Bridge II price drop

Looking to move my DSD to a good home. Loved it but have a new DAC and have to let it go. Includes everything except for the white gloves (they got lost somewhere).

The unit has a little over 4 years old ]( The unit is in fantastic shape.

Asking €2500 will include Euro shipping at that price with insurance. PayPal fees extra unless you do friends and family.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry don’t know how to add. Pics if you are interested just ask and I’ll send you by mail.

Hello! Any photos yet? Any upgrades other than the Bridge?


I’ll try to make some photo. No other upgrade it just as the latest firmware.

Hi Pass-Has this sold?

Great Price!

Euro shipping but conus only? What?


Yes euro shipping possible. Forget about Conus it’s was a mistake …

Voltage is 110 or 220? A bit confused…

It’s a 220 V

Hi, Have you still got this item for sale?
Kind regards


Yes still for sale :slight_smile: