For Sale: DirectStream DAC (Sold)

Black. Purchased new in Oct. 2017. Eighteen month warranty remaining. $2,950.00 PayPal fees included. FOB lower 48 USA.

Does that unit have the bridge?


Hi there Dave. No bridge.


You can add a Bridge II yourself or get it installed via PSA I think (unless I am mistaken). I’m not in the US and my supplier was able to do this for me when I bought a second DS Dac that didn’t have one.

It’s a simple self install as it just slides into a slot.

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Still available?

Morning bump for this excellent DAC. Currently has Snowmass V1 (considered by many to be the best sounding version) loaded.

I am very interested in your DAC. Currently I have the DAC Jr, want like to upgrade to Sr, but not sure how much improvement. Do you mind share the reason for selling? Thanks.

I have an Auralic G2/GX stack that I prefer in my system, so same as you, hit with the upgrade bug!

Are you and the unit located in USA? Just noticed the 'FOB".

Yes. In the Seattle area.

So your price includes PayPal and S/H? I am at 19382. The unit in perfect condition? Original accessories and packaging? Thanks for answering all my questions while I am debating the move from Jr to Sr.

Sent you a PM.

Hi Daeone, sent you a PM for verifying your paypal account.

Sent a PM in response.