For Sale: DL III Cullen Modified stage 3


Am original owner but have upgraded to a PWDac. This Cullen modified DAC has been operated in a no-smoking environment and has always been powered by a Soloist, PPP and all PS Audio premium power cables.

Serial Number is D3-A-7F241. Purchased 9/2007 for $1,500.

Unit is in mint/perfect condition. Operates flawlessly.

PS Audio DLIII Stage 3 mod details:

Replace 28 resistors in the audio signal path with Dale Rn55d copper leaded parts.

Replace 11 electrolytic capacitors with audio grade Muse caps.

Replace 8 FET’s in the DAC?s output stage with hand matched low noise parts.

Install ERS cloth.

Install WBT NextGen 210cu RCA jacks.

Asking $675 +Shipping. Paypal

Includes DL3, User Manual, Stock Power Cord, and original box.

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Very nice unit!

Good luck with the sale.